Saturday, 30 June 2012

i'm THE Man!

The anger management therapist I'm seeing suggests I talk more. I don't know about what exactly, but ya sure talk more.

So far I've been officially diagnosed with -


-Puritanical Perfectionism

- And last but not least I process my anger like Men!!

Basically only a small number of women process their anger like men and I'm one of the chosen one's!

God I'm so rare!

Meaning I skip stages of frustration and hit from 0- 100 straight away.. Blah blah I can't be bothered to explain it further.

I'm learning more things about myself with these sessions, though I don't see it helping my anger in any way. I'm still very much short fused.

It's a vicious cycle, when I get angry I go on Repeat like an iPod!

Must learn how to break out of it.

But after 31 years, I don't see it happening.

Oh well this is Me, messed up, fucked up, and amazingly perfectly damaged.


Average.Q8i said...

Anger is never going to mask your inner beauty.

FourMe said...


Oh how I adore u lil one xx

Aether said...

I'm sorry about you being diagnosed with OCD :( this is so disheartening. As you already know I suffer from it but I believe you're a strong young woman and you can pull through it.

Letting you know there are people who love you always.