Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'm 20 + 11 Years of Experience!

I do. I do. I certainly do..

Happy 31st to me may I kick ass for many many more..


Anony said...

Happy ass kickin!

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaappy Birthdaaay *dances*


Mira said...

happyyyy birthday to you 31 baskin robbins ice cream year ...full of sweet things inshalla xxox

Anonymous said...

You might like this..

Eiman said...

I am glad that I finally found a GCC girl who does not just admit that she is 30+ but even show her pride!!I am sick of those people who keep getting younger with years!! they make me feel stupid for declaring my age, Ohhh I hate these people!!
your 2 months younger then me..so I am extreemly proud that I found a blogger who really represent my age.. I just started following your blog (5 minutes ago loool).. Good luck, and keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday.. semoga sentiasa sihat dan hidup dalam keberkatan Allah.