Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Old School

As I was seated on the floor rummaging through my collection of the one and ONLY Om Kalthoom CDs and cassettes, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Who on God's green earth still uses Cassettes??

I had to snap the above photo, too good of an old school goodness there. I bet you if you show a cassette to a teenager they wouldn't know what it is! Alas, I don't give a toss, I love my cassettes, and when I feel wild I listen to her on a cd, wild child!

Nothing beats a sunny/rainy April afternoon whilst listening to Fakaroony.

You kill me Om Kalthoom. Every single time. You Kill Me..

1 comment:

Jacqui said...

LOL I found the same box in my room but not om kalthoom tapes LOL! :P

My old car still plays cassette tapes :P