Monday, 12 March 2012

Scan it & Fry it !

They've ran out of body parts to scan so instead they've switched to my head. Last time I head a MRI scan done for my head was when they found out I had cancer and wanted to make sure it hasn't reached my brain, that was summer 2010.

Now why am I having a MRI for my head tomorrow I really don't know nor care or give a damn anymore. Surreeeeeee why not?? You wana scan my head? Yes plz do. You know best. You're the doctors that keep saying you don't know what's causing my pains.

Last November I had a MRI, CT,and PET scans done. To hell with it, you wana play with my head now, be my freaking guest, take a scan and if you want, slice a piece whilst you're at it, cook it, and feed it to the kitties.

I've given the fuck up.

To having my brain fried, cheers..


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Anony said...

7aselohom leg6awa mokhech

Danderma said...

Hello! You've been tagged in The Eleven Questions Tag

and you better do it.

RainDrop said...

i haven't been to blogger in a while.. and the first thing i've done is check on u. maybe we never got to be friends or anything, cuz i really dont like to force myself into other people's lives. BUT, i do pray for you and i do ask others to do so. maybe it's nothing, or maybe it's everything. Hell i dont know!

BUT one thing i know is, people u may never know, never met, and never heard of are praying for you and there ought to be one prayer that is very fast and very direct and hard headed lol that'd reach Allah and back to you!

Get well soon hun. xx and inshaAllah the scan will show that ur head's clear from whatever they r making sure it's clear of, but would be filled of so many swear words and such hehe