Sunday, 25 March 2012

Belly Ring ON!

I couldn't be happier! Finally after nearly 2 years I managed to put my belly ring back on!!! YaaaaaY!! I literally jumped with joy :D

To anyone this might seem silly, but to hell with you all. This means the world to me. I had my belly pierced at the age of 16 and never took it off except for wearing new ones till 29. On my second chemo session the doctor was examining me and literally forced me to take it off just incase it gets pulled out and I get an infection seeing my immune system was shot to hell.

Since then every time I try to put it back on I wouldn't be able to as the skin closed up a bit. Went to have it done, and they refused saying they can't pierce the same spot again.

Out of no where I found one of my old belly rings, jammed it in and et voila IT'S IN!!!!! After 1 year and 10 months I finally feel complete, my femininity has been restored people :D