Friday, 24 February 2012


I've been called SELFISH today for the second time this month! Somehow people think its an insult or a bad trait, I don't see it as so at all!

I am selfish. So what??! Yes I am and proud of it. My entire life I put everyone ahead of me, I thought of peoples needs and feelings ahead of mine. But dear life taught me a very VERY valuable lesson. People will fuck and screw you over at the first chance they get. Why should I be considerate of others feelings when the inevitable is me getting hurt or deceived?

There are literally handful of people that I'm selfless with, those people have proved to me that they'll be there for me through thick and thin. Hell I swear on all that is holy I would gladly give my organs to my Turkish friend. I know whom to care about and whom to dismiss as they have proven they aren't worthy.

To be selfless with everyone is plain and utter stupidity. People don't deserve to be given more than their worth, everyone has their own intentions and egos to feed on your account. Now whose selfish??

Selfish?! Hell yes I am and I'll take it as a compliment!


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the reason why people fuck/screw you over the first and second and a third time is because they are selfish

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