Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Shorts..

So I bought "winter shorts" today! Weather is reaching freezing point and I wana wear goddamn shorts! Anywhoooo, seeing I've lost most of the chemo weight and regaining my figure back, I thought what better than fulfilling a long over due dream of wearing shorts with tights!

When I was a skinny bitch I couldn't wear them as I was too thin, but now seeing I've got the legs for them, hell why not!

So I shall wear my winter shorts with tights and gorg cardigan and knee length jacket with boots, a cross between preppy/prosi look.

Just hoping mother doesn't smack me with a sh7a6a when she sees me in my winter shorts :D


Delicate Sword said...

You'll look fab my love.

Anony said...


q8othug said...

pics or it didnt happen

Anonymous said...

a picture please! even if you could wear them just IN the house!!!

Anony said...

Bekhsooos elsora mathalan @@