Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bereavement; Which is the worst?

In the past month a friend of mine lost her mother to cancer, another friend lost her 15 year old son to cancer, Allah yr7amhom o y9abir ahalhom.

I couldn't help but think, which is worse? To lose your own child that you carried in your insides for 9 months, loved and nourished for 15 years? Or lose a mother, whom carried you for 9 months in her insides, protected, loved, and raised you? Both cases are devastating and I don't wish anyone to go through, as I have seen the sadness and pain both are going through. Both have a piece of their soul and heart stripped from them, but, is there one less painful than the other?

I saw the pain in my mothers' eye when I had cancer, and saw the pain in my friends' eye when her mother got sick. But such is life. God gives. God takes.

Is one scenario more tolerable than the other after the sadness and bereavement passed over?


Anony said...

I think losing a mother is worse than losing a child bs ham gala 7asab el7alaa

Anonymous said...

Both are difficult.. But from what I've seen, it is harder to lose a child.

allah y9abrhum

swera said...

both are very hard but i feel that losing a child is worse.

Losing your mother makes you feel lost, disoriented, lonely, depressed, living in a dark place!

but losing a child is like losing a big piece from your heart!

but life goes on ...

q8othug said...

its relative

who's to say my loss for my dad is less painful than your loss (god forbid) of your mum for you ?



pain is pain and that's the end of it