Saturday, 24 December 2011

4 Years of Joy!

I can't believe I forgot my blogs 4th anniversary! Was on the 21st but I guess it's not too late.

Oh boy have this blog been through one roller coaster ride! Ups, downs, heartbreaks, and cancer! Good times..

But, if there is one thing I took away from these 4 lovely years, is some irreplaceable friends that have impacted my life and taught me so much. Not forgetting the support I got during the toughest time of my life.

I thank you for reading this little nutty spot..

Much appreciated :*


Anonymous said...

Been 1 of ur first readers and ended up being ur friend,, I'm glad for knowing u too my strong lovely dardoo7a.. And I can never forget the days we used to play SL and laugh our butts out! I know I did have a lot of shortcomings, but I love u and u know I do and goodbye I'm being so emotional and gonna puke now !

soulo xx

swera said...

nshallah 40 yrs yaaaa rb :****

Anony said...

Souloo maythera u save me a spot de ur comment ;@

4 sneen entenathar fel3yoon @@ lol


Anonymous said...

LOL Nonee entay o Zawe mel7 al shesma men '3airkom al blogging zala6a :P


Anony said...

Zala6a eb debs elroman ;p

Entay shesma pinacolada bel qesh6a loool

Expat and the City said...

Woo hoo, 4 f'in years! Congrats! <3

Anonymous said...

Expat and the City said...

Happy 4 Year Anniversary! Wishing you all the best!