Sunday, 27 November 2011

To Blog?

Blogging has become so commercial that I feel it's embarrassing for one to bear their soul to strangers any more. I flick through blogs around and all I see is buy this, buy that, eat this, eat that, wear this, wear that, etc.

Has bearing ones heart and soul on their blog became 'so passé'??
Nonetheless, blogging is ones outlet and he/she is free to discuss whatever they please.

This blog has become Cancer Central. I talk about it endlessly, but what else can I say, when I myself revolve around it!

I had a low point couple days back, I feel the need to let it out here. But, is anyone listening? Has this blog been known as the Cancer talk spot, which causes people to avoid it like the plague it is? Is there a point in me talking, spilling, ranting? Come to think of it, I never bothered with who read what I wrote, nor cared ( apologies for the bluntness ).

I miss this spot, I miss my little haven in cyber space where I spill.. I need to get back on track and be here more often. For my sake, for my insanities sake, for the love of blogging..


Anonymous said...

You should write. Not for who is listening but for your sanity's sake. It fills the void.

Amethyst said...

First of all, I think you should write it all out and pour yourself into this because you need to. It'll make you feel better!

And second, yes, I am here and listening and ready to be here for you whatever you go through next, be it happy or sad..

Lots of love!

FourMe said...

I lost my sanity long ago. There is no void that needs to be filled!

Oh darling, it is s0 good to know u are still around.

Thank u luv, inshallah it will be mostly happy.

Regards to the little angel :*

q8othug said...

if u stop blogging then i has a sad

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back.

FourMe said...

Lool cuteee!

P.s. Mother still asks about


Jacqui said...

I say keep blogging, I have been an on and off again blogger I like to share my thoughts and emotions but I just feel that no one cares so I sometimes keep them to myself. And yes it has become more commercial everything is commercial nowadays!

FourMe said...

I know, I'm a reader of yours since bloggings golden era.. My exact sentiments, but then again who cares! Let's blog for us not them!

RainDrop said...

I havent been blogging for a while.. been pretty busy with daughter and life.. but now, i come back and the first thing i do is check ur blog! keep blogging.. yet who cares if any1's reading or not?! do u feel better after expressing urself here? if Yes then keep doing it..!