Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So be it..

So I was meant to have my routine check up with just blood tests.. But knowing me, drama has to take place! Oncologists ordered CT Scan on 2nd day of 3eed (fun). I have that done and what do Oncologists say?? This is fun, take a wild guess! The results are cleared BUT (told ya drama) I need to do MORE bloods, MRI scan (suspecting Disc), and the icing on the cake... Wait for it.. Wait.. PET SCAN! that is the most torturous scan of all, from fasting 6 hours, to being injected with radiation, laying flat on my back on a narrow ass board, to being ill the entire day and the day after. So ya within 2-3 weeks all that crap should be done and i'll see Oncologists again.. I'll keep ya darlings posted but I'm hopeful for a change.

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DS said...

All will be fine honey. Allah ydeem 3laik L 97a oo L 3afya.

Your virtual oncologist.

FourMe said...

Oh how I love u ;*

Jacqui said...

Good luck dear and allah egawemech bl salama inshalla!

Enshalla you'll get a rest and break from all these tests o mafech ela el 3afya! :*

Jacqui said...

Oh and Happy 1 year cancer-free anniversary enshalla :*

FourMe said...

Thank u babe :**

Standy said...

ahh,, allah kareem and inshallah all will be ok..

all the best..

we are here for you..

FourMe said...

Thanx babe:*