Tuesday, 29 November 2011

London Oddities!

I got used to the crazy's of London, weird sculptures, streakers in the middle of december, elephant statues all over the city, wacky building, etc, etc. But sometimes I can't help but stand in the middle of the street and say 'What The Fuck'! Last week I was passing my Marble Arch only to see this odd colorful structure erected in the middle of the roundabout!

On closer inspection, to my utter disbelief, it was trash! Behold!! when Trash becomes Art! Only in London I tell you.

Tilt your heads to read the description, some sort of an artistic take on recycling!

A closer look! It really is T R A S H ! !

I was in a black taxi the other day when I saw wires hanging out of the side panel under the side window. At first glance I thought it was volume controller, looked again and read the above caption only to discover it's a Mobile Charger!!! Not only Mobile but iPad, other tablets, Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung, Motorella, with chargers for old and new usb for BB and Nokia!! How freaking cool? A quick cab ride turns into a quick pit stop to recharge your phone/tablet/iPod battery! Super cool I tell you, must implement in all cabs across the world not only London seeing we've become entirely dependent on technology.

Window display of Massimo Dutti, on Oxford St. It isn't odd at all, but I had to snap a pic as I loved the creativity behind it. The way in which it was presented captured the eyes of the passers by, truly artistic in a fashionable manner. Kudos to Dutti for the fabulous window.


Danderma said...

Trash 3ad? Hopefully it did had a lot of deodorant sprayed on it 3shan it doesnt smell!!!!

Love London o miss her <3

Post some lights pictures please? Please please please?

FourMe said...

T9adgen mako smell! I thought there would be but madri shmsaween ely it's odorless !

Inshallah luv I will.. 3ala 7athich 9arat 3a9ifa bara wila knit b6la3 a9awir

Anony said...

wath3ee wana 3awyaa rasi agraa :P

FourMe said...

Lol Mali khilg away rotate :p