Sunday, 18 September 2011

Did you grow up?

I asked a question on twitter as its been pondering on my mind for couple of weeks now. Has your personality changed from 20s to 30s?

I've become more observant, more mellow, I take in the surroundings more than participate. In a way I lost interest in communicating with people as the majority have become "Blah" to me, hence, I analyse their behaviours.

Maybe because after my illness my mindset changed drastically that I see everything/life from a different perspective. People in their 30s behaving like those in their teens, 40s like those in their 20s, and the 60s well those are just screwed.

With age one assumes that people change and develop an understanding of life, priorities, interests, attitude, outlook on life, hell even fashion sense. But to no avail, some are stuck in a nutshell back in the 90s, two decades ago.

I always said to each his own, the above is simple observation of some, I don't give a flying toss to be honest, if they're happy with the latter then so be it, but I cannot help feeling sorry for such persons.

Q: Are you still the same person or have you evolved into the 'better you' ?

p.s. i missed blogging..


Anony said...

I miss it too

No identity.. said...

I am 30 n totally not like when I was on 20, events in life make us changes… in ur case could be the illness in some cases jobs, death or even being a mother…. I am a mother to be in few months and I see the whole world from a deferent angle … so normally we do change with events in life…

Standy said...

i believe i changed but the old me is just buried somewhere deep inside the new me..

Anonymous said...

التجارب اللي نمر فيها أهيا اللي تغيرنا وتغيير نظرتنا و طريقة تفكيرنا ؛بس العمر له تأثير اقل


Anonymous said...

I want to run and keep running until i run out of breath. Run again and keep running. Don't want to verbalize my emotions. It is better choice to be better than to rot.