Monday, 26 September 2011


For once I am proud to be a blogger as I am able to participate in spreading the word of this great project for a heart breaking cause. Children with Cancer, two words that shouldn't be in the same sentence bs la 7awla wla quwa hathy 7kmat Allah sob7ana w ta3ala. Q8Rain kicked off this project where they are asking for presents to donate to children with cancer.

I urge, plead, and beg you to help, by either spreading the word or donating gifts of whatever you like. You all knew that I used to recieve "chemo packages" for six months every two weeks. Those gifts used to make my day and weeks, they were the only thing that used to cheer me up, only thing I look forward to, only thing that pushed me to tolerate the hell of Cancer and torture of Chemo. Those little gifts were my hope, my reminder, that I am loved, cared for, and remembered by friends and bloggers and not forgotten just because I am sick.

The children need such hope and love, please help.

Please visit for more information on how to contact Q8Rain. Below is what is posted on the blog. Kindly reblog this post and spread the word.

" I'm glad that im in online community that i can called it "My online family", so they can support each other in any good cases that you have .. Last week i came up with an idea to benfit the sick Kids at the NBK Hospital so i contacted the KACCH who's responsible of any donations to the Hospitals here in kuwait .

I shared my idea with my colleuge IYAA Blog and she offer all of her effort to make my idea alive anyway I went with her to that meeting with the KACCH at the NBK Hospital and came out with different simple idea which is Doing party for the kids every month! so because of this i emailed my online family "every blogger i knew" hoping that i will find the support from each one of them ,because it's the TIME TO PAY BACK to our community so we will be committed to do party to the kids with cancer diseases EVERY MONTH in the NBK Hospital,
Anyway our first party next week i needed 70 Gifts so i emailed asking them to buy 5-10 gifts to the kids as much as they can "simple gifts even if its coloring books".. because i want the kids be happy in one day of their life "some of them might not make it till next week" so Kindly support this case.

So Far who reply back are Basma 13Cubs, BerooQ8, Red Sonja, His&Her, BlogLaish, Habitan Blog, Q8Blend, Hind AL Nahedh, Q8Black Market, 3ateeja, The Triple F, The Side Talk, Qortuba Valley , Danderma ... Thank you guys and im still waiting my other bloggers to reply back .. because i really need help for that event and anyone how intersted to sponser one of the month i will be happy because i just care about the littel 65 angles who are waiting for someone to make them happy. "



Rainy said...

I'm ss speechless , i thought im doing very simple thing MIGHT make them happy but after reading your work i think WE will make them happy .. im so speechless .. alah yeshafe kel amarthana

Reem B. said...

Aww such a noble cause!!!!!! I believer togetherness can really push for a change and can certainly make a difference b2ithnAllah!