Monday, 25 July 2011


Did your life turn out the same way you thought it would when you were a child?


Anonymous said...

No, things have happened that I never thought they would happen one day. My life now is not what I had in mind when was a child many things weren't expected, some were bad but now they're good. As they say life's full of surprises.

q8othug said...

after you finish the abdominal pain business and stand on your feet,

ask yourself the same question and you will find that it will turn out for the better

Anony said...


Average.Q8i said...

No. Yet I guess its for the better.

Hope said...

eSalam 3laikom
NO. It's pretty much nothing like I imagines, lots of things happened & I was just shocked, there's no way I could see all these things coming my way
bs el7emDella, at least some things are still going my way, the others I'll just have to work them through

RAM said...

ive alway knew my life would be better as i get older, that things will turn around just the way i want them to be, and they are now, but am i content? not really, there is alway something missing, there is always the one thing or 2 that i think if they happen to me i will be happier,, but i know deep down thats not the case, content and happiness are a state of mind, and i need to control my mind