Sunday, 15 May 2011


I'm not one for Indian movies, I rarely watch them and when I do I watch the ones on MBC that are dubbed in Arabic as I cannot be bothered to read subtitles. On the other hand Mother dearest adores Indian movies, when she suggested we watch Guzaarish staring Aishwarya Rai I was all for it as I simply love her.

To our surprise there were no subtitles! Basically kint a6rash blzafa but may I tell you that film is beyond superb! I have never seen such a great film, definitely Oscar worthy. Yes that good! With the few English words they threw in here and there we understood the plot. From acting, to directing, to music, to mere emotion it was excellent. I highly recommend that you watch it ASAP and if you are as emotional as I am prepare yourself for full on bawling..

Art at its best even when the language is foreign.


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swera said...

watched it more than once, the movie is beyond words! watch Kites, u'll love it b3d :D

Anonymous said...

Is it old ? new ?

In love with Indian movies, ghareebah mo sam3a 3anna !