Monday, 9 May 2011


Nothing beats getting on the scale and seeing that you've lost weight!
Never thought I'd be that excited :p
Praise the lord in the heavens I've lost 1 dress size.. My ideal weight is in sight ;)


Anony said...

Botamba kasar. El lambaa no more :P

FourMe said...

Hate u hate u hate u... A7ib agolich eny 9rt th3eefa! *talk to the hand*

الزين said...

u go girl

3afya 3leech


q8othug said...

thats a damn shame :/

cause i like my girls on the lumpy bumpy side


good for you and belated happy B-day

Glitter said...

Hi 7beebti ..

happy birthday to you o sorry ma gomt adesh wayed el blogs lately.

anyways, I'm not surprised you lost weight because that is who you really are, a thin girl. All the weight you gained wasn't you, it was mn el medicine..

So naturally now that you are healed wl 7amdlella you would go back to being the beautiful thin girl that you always were ;*

Expat and the City said...

Woo hoo! Congrats and time to get out the bikini ;P

Hope said...

Allah ytamem 3laich o you rach your target weight