Sunday, 8 May 2011

30 & Fabulous!

30 Years Old!

30 years full of life..

30 years of being awesome..

30 years of fabulousness & craziness..

May I kick ass for many years to come..


Dont.Dwell said...

You may have been around for 30 years, but we all know what u've been through this year alone is worth all 30 years put together !

Mala da3y I say ur an insipration, l2na ur more than just that.

Over those months u allowed us all to take part in ur journey with cancer and at the end we all shared your joy of being cancer free,

What more can we ask for, u showed us theres more to life than bitching and whinning about crap,

U showed us how to be grateful for the simpler things in life, thing we usually never notice.

Thank you.

May God bless with a healthy and cancer free life !

P.s. HAPPY B-DAY !!!

Anony said...

;* mini 3ayoza;p

swera said...

el3omer kell ya rab o rabbi yarzegech e9e77a wel3afia with ur moma n ur loved ones :**

Rummy said...

Happy Birthday..!! Hope you have a BLAST like no other..!!

LWDLIK said...

Happy Birthday Princess and many more to come xx

Hope said...

Happy B-Day sweetheart
Allah ya36eech 6olat el.3omer o ytamem 3laich be9e7a wel.3afyah

Danderma said...


Happy Birthday to youuuu
Happy Birthday to youuuuu
You are now thirtyyyyyyyyyyy...
Welcome to the club :***********

Journal Entries said...

happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay! :*
many more to come enshallah ;D

Jacqui said...

Happy Birthday dear o enshalla ya rab dooom you have a healthy life and you remain even awesomer than you are before!

I wish you all the best :D

Ansam said...

Happy Birthday :D :D :D

Traveleer said...

kil 3am o intay eb khair. From strength to strength inshalla

Expat and the City said...

Sorry I'm late but a very Happy Birthday sweetie :* I wish you the best year ever!

I'm wishing something very special for you but I'm not going to tell you what it is... ;)

Standy said...

here here *cheers*

to infinity and beyoond..

happy bithday dear and may allah grant you many many joyful years filled with laughter and perfect health =D

@helal504 said...

First of all, Happy belated birthday!
I've noticed that you have the spirit of a fighter and that is one main line of offense against cancer disease.

My father was a fighter too but he has lost his fight against cancer 6 years ago.

You set an example for those who don't appreciate the simple things in life, never give up for anything, just keep showing them attitude w allah ya7fthech w y5alich for your family :)