Thursday, 28 April 2011

Danderma THE Author

Dear darlings kindly congratulate our one and only lovely Danderma on publishing her first BOOK! YaaaaaaY *throws confetti in the air*

I couldn't be happier for you sweetheart..
A job well done and may many MANY more books follow ;)



Anony said...


Karamilah said...

mabrook to danderma,
is there an ebook version? I'd really love to read it.

Thanks for sharing

Danderma said...

Thank you thank you thank you :*********

El E version is available by the way! You can buy either a paperback or an e version :D

Standy said...

alf alf mabrook =D

now all i have to do is GET me a credit card and i shal buy it inshallah =D

Average.Q8i said...

Congratulations Danderma. Really happy for you.

FourMe, you're missed.