Saturday, 2 April 2011

BettyFATTYBoop :O

Ladies and Gents I give you FourMe!

As my old followers know I've always struggled with my weight. I tried the impossible of all impossibles to gain weight but to no avail. Since I was a teen till a year ago I was a size 8 (UK - that's 50-53 kg). I was always named Betty Boop; slender figure with the trademark Betty cleavage.

But! Damn there is a big BUTT here..
Betty had Cancer.
Betty went on Steroids.
Betty esmillah 3alaiha GAINED weight :\

One thing I didn't mention during the Chemo phase was the effects of Steroids on me. Well for a very good reason. Majority who get Cancer lose drastic weight with chemotherapy. But Allah kareem o maynsa 3bada. God knew that I would not have been able to take chemo for 12 sessions with my body that's been weakened and destroyed by Cancer. You want to see proof of how God is GREAT and Merciful? He gave me a Cancer that part of its treatment is Steroids. With only Steroids I was able to complete my 12 sessions and my body was able to withstand the TORTURE of chemotherapy. Alf il7amd lik ya Rabi ya kareem.

Thkraw Allah o samaw br7man o golaw MASHALLAH 3ala what I'm about to say next please..

Cancer was in my body for long and severely destroyed my body and caused excessive weight lose. At my FIRST chemo session I was 46 kg. On my 12th and FINAL session I was 68 kg.

I gained 22 kilos in 5 months.

To anyone that sees me I looked normal BUT to people who know me I looked obese! I went from a size 8 to a 16!!! Esmillah 3alay 9rt 3bara 3an mini van mot7arik :p

Danderma always told me careful what you wish for when I said I want to gain weight.. Well BA BOOOOM here we go wish granted with a smack of 22 kilos!

Every 2 weeks I had to shop as my clothes wouldn't fit me.. at times I had to wear clothes from my mother.. wakhzya :\ It is very very ODD to be dare I say it FAT compared to my old slim self. My cousins call me " Fatty BumBum" :'( Now if that isn't by itself motivation to lose weight then I don't know what is!!

Fair enough the weight I gained was due to Steroids and water retention but fuck I blew up like a Hot air balloon! I shan't discuss what happened to my ladies as you can let your imaginations run wild and it could justify why I was flinging my bra off in public :\ Bgara 7aloob comes to mind..Mind you I'm starting to lose the weight as Steroids are buggering off out of my body il7amdillah.. If it wasn't for the Steroids I would most probably be DEAD by now as Chemo would have destroyed my organs and me in its path. See how God is great? Gave me a Cancer that wouldn't kill me BUT made me stronger so I get cured from it!! Sob7an Allah how he calculates everything down to a grain of fat even in sickness!

Moral of story is Cancer made me FAT! It made me chubby, karsha wiggling, ass bouncing, fkhooth owning, znood jiggling, booby wooshing, KHDO000000OD squishing, mdalgima BettyFATTYBoob! La w zedaw 3alaih short hair, mako Cabbage doll o mga3ida :p



moi said...

ahahaha cuuuute!! *pinches fourMe's cheeks* I want to gain 5 kilos! only 5 :(

el7amdella 3ala kil7al!

Anonymous said...

i wish u happieness ever after <3


Anonymous said...

What matters u being happyyyy ;** love you

LadyB said...

Awww at the cabbage patch doll comment :*

Allahh ya5eth o ya36ey, el7mdella
3ala kel 7al you're alive and kicking :**

Jacqui said...

Awwww that's adorable :P The saddest thing is I know how you're feeling when it comes to the wish department.. see when I was in middle school/highschool the heaviest I was 42kg I think hehe then dashait jam3a o I slowly started to gain a little bit of weight.. when I was in school I kept wishing I would gain weight because I was stick-thin but then after college when I started to work I ballooned up I am now at 61kg and had it been equally distributed I would've loved it hehe unfortunately it's focused in one area hehe karshy :P

So now I am trying to lose el karsh bs maintain a bit of the weight bcos I look a bit healthier than I was before hehe :P Bs yalla let's try to lose weight together :P

And it's true be careful what you wish for :P

Danderma said...

9ar le sa3a abi asawee commentes
your blog ma yertha yefta7 on google chrome 3eshtaw! Lazim IE or Firefox... yetshara6 7athretah


Danderma says something... Ppl should listen to her :p

khotho il 7ekma min afwah il majaneen ;)

q8othug said...

"karsha wiggling, ass bouncing, fkhooth owning, znood jiggling, booby wooshing, KHDO000000OD squishing"




Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, I don't want to be cheesy but I truly admire your spirit, your attitude and your outlook towards life. I, like you, also believe that everything happens for a reason and in ilqa'9a2 wl qadr.. sometimes when I'm down I think of you, and think that your life was shattered and what you went through, and what you're going through (the aftermath) is much much worse than what I am going through right now. In a way you are my inspiration, proof that when you fall, you just pick yourself up and stand up again. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you could be happy, if you could have this positive outlook towards life, then I should be able to do that too. Everyday I wake up and say el7mdla for a new day. el7mdla I'm still alive. el7mdla my parents and brothers are alive. el7mdla they're all healthy. el7mdla el7emdla el7emdla.. but I'm not happy..

Atmana lech kl 5air w 9e7a w salamah :) and I truly and sincerely mean it.


Reem said...

I'm quite sure that you look pretty in either ways..

Keep your spirit Up ;**

Abdul-Aziz said...

ohhhh mashalah 3laich u got the best strongest happiest loveleyful spirit in the world
i really liked u without knowing u

Anonymous said...