Saturday, 22 January 2011



Anony said...

7ata ana i heart you :P

khayzarana said...

Hey FourMe,
i didnt know of your blog until now! Its truly an inspiration actually YOU are the inspiration. im speechless. I read all your posts since day one it might have taken me a few hrs yet you lived it for a YEAR!

I cried when u did, i smiled when u did, i also prayed when u did!

Akthar shay 3ajabni o athar feeni ina kil post tathkereen fe rabich with "il7imdila 3ala kil 7al"

Cancer is not any disease its CANCER! and you my dear fourme are a SURVIVOR, a FIGHTER. A fighter is someone who wants to live. AND u did! im really happy for u

Rabe ya7fithich oo yab3id 3anich ilshar oo yshafee kil mareeth ya rab.

Thank you for sharing your life with us.