Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What a Year!??!

2010 Roundup? More like 2010 fuckup :/

Let's see what this year brought around, shall we?

~It kicked off with mums health deteriorating. Had her 2nd operation in 2 months.

From Feb till May I get BEYOND screwed with doctors, ins and outs from hospital and bullshit diagnoses.

May my 29th birthday and smacked with Cancer :D Operation, biopsys, etc

2 tumors and spread to 6 places :)


Torturous months.


Ends with Mums health screwed again, 1 more procedure.

~People wise found out who were my friends and foes.

Made fabulous new supportive friends.

Bestfriend gets married :*

Kicked pathetic people out of my life, pathological lairs, and useless ones.

Became MUCH stronger.. Appreciate life more than ever.. Faith grew stronger and stronger il7amdillah..

And that's a wrap for 2010.. Now lets hope 2011 is catastrophe free, full of happiness, laughter, stronger faith, great friendships, and invincible health inshallah..

I wonder what went on in your 2010?! Do share..


Anony said...


Rummy said...

Happy New Year <3

My 2010 was a year which I really needed after all those shitty years. It's a pity I'm saying goodbye to it.

الزين said...


تركتي الشر وراج .. والسعد جبالج بحيل الله

يمد بعمرج ويرزقج من من رضاه ورحمته
وتلبسين ثوب العافيه دوم ودهر قولي امين


aL-NooR . said...

its a new year :)
new hopes , new feeling
new us :D

Elegant Chic said...

I'm so so happy to know that you have come out of the most difficult storm. :D :D :D

Few minutes back, hubby and I where discussing about my blog buddies and enquired how you were doing (...since we had gone to a church (where miracles have happened) right after our wedding day, thanking God for uniting us, as well as, for our friends and family. Yes, I prayed for you and lit a candle too!!!) :)
And here I'm on your blog reading the updates and oh boy, am I glad to see this!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses!!!

I'm running out of words, seriously!!!

Off to light a candle to thank God for saving my buddy's life

Jacqui said...

Enshalla 2011 etseer senat khair 3alaich o etshoofen kel khair men'ha :D

Have a Healthy Happy New YEAR! :****

Hope said...

Happy new year darling
Allah yej3al 2011 senat 5air 3laich o 3la el.jemee3

WhySoSerious said...


Andrew Brown said...

Sorry to hear 2010 was a bummer year for you.
Praying that 2011 is a better year full of God's richest blessings.