Monday, 13 December 2010


I want to travel somewhere like the above, sit by the beach, do absolutely nothing, talk to nobody, and not see 1 single human being.. But cannot do any of that.. Mother would freak out, there is no where this warm and empty, and the crappiest of all I cannot be exposed to the sun for a whole year!! Kill me and kill me now! No one will let me travel alone when I'm this tired, actually the body ache and medicine withdrawal is bitching painful. I spend my days resting because if I move an inch I huff and puff like an oldie, each step I take is like a thousand needles going through my body :/ No one told me Remission is this damn painful.. Ehh mra7 ykoon worse than the chemo and that hell.. Alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al..

I need a freaking secluded island so bad..

If you had a choice to drop everything this instant and piss off to any place where would it be?


Noora said...

seychelles maldives or bora bora a7san ba3ad be3d ilyahad

falantan said...

in the midst of a heavily wooded forest in new zealand. like this

4 hours to australia, 12 hours to anything else.

and I heard you can get their jinsiya approved right on their website.

الزين said...

Oman msandam

its heaven on earth


going there soon

RainDrop said...

I'd go to this place

this IS heaven on earth. I've been to it. stayed 2 nights there. so secluded, so in the middle of no where. You sleep to the sounds of animals, and wake up to the sounds of birds chirping. No AC's.. No phones.. No net.. No TV..

Many people would find it so scary to spend a night in a tent with lions walking on ur porch.. To me, it was the most relaxing feeling EVER. Animals dont attack u for no reason, but humans do.

lol ok i should stop rambling cuz i know i wont stop.. am a sucker for Africa <3

You've been patient through the worst .. wait a year and then u'll inshallah get the best holiday ever!

noora said...

London Maybe,, or Venice ;(

lesh enqalleb il mwaje3 fourme :p la wil youm eqbara, ekmalat!

q8othug said...

I'd piss off to South korea

lived there in a farm town for a month helping out villagers plowing their fields and planting potatoes and watermelon!

loool. long story, i'll tell it one day in full :>

Expat and the City said...

I would have to say the island of Kauai (Hawaii). I miss vacationing in Hawaii so much. I try to go to new places now that I live in Kuwait.