Saturday, 11 December 2010


We spend our lives trying to please our parents by getting their approval and blessing. Majority of people consider either of their parents their idol, inspiration, mentor, or simply look up to them..

When you lovely dears one after the other tell me I'm your inspiration or I altered your life some way or the other, I say "they're bunch of delusional people who are being too kind with their words". Honest to God most of the time I think anyone in my situation would have done the same. Yet I know me, I know how physically fragile I am. So at times I do say Mashallah I faced this head on and beat it!

Thing is couple days ago my mother had a procedure done on her joints and back without any anaesthetic, PAINFUL it was :(

(in translation)
Me: mama did it hurt?
Her: Very painful. But I said if you can handle chemo and bone marrow biopsy and went through all that pain then I should handle this.
Me: *shocked face for about 10 seconds* (speechless) *a smile this big :D on my face* awww mommy thank you *hugged her*

Ladies and Gentlemen MY MOTHER looks up to ME :D I am my mothers inspiration :D After what my mama said I believe what all you people said and I know for a FACT now (esmillah 3alay Alah y7fithny) that I AM one strong kickass chick ;)

I am Proud of ME :D


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine being in your place, and I haven't been following you for too long on Twitter, but I can tell you it's not a bunch of delusional people, it's not only meaningless words. It's hard to be watching someone in pain, especially when you know nothing about them. I know it must be a billion times worse to be in your place. A plenty of your tweets made me cry, and a plenty made my days. I remember once you disappeared for 24 hours, and I really was deadly worried about you, I was checking Twitter every other hour to see if you are okay. I can assure you I'm not the only one who feels this way about you. A lot of times I was about to complain and I rush to Twitter to tweet something, and you are the only thing I can think of and then I back off. I'm proud of you, and regarding one of your previous tweets, you might not get back to who you were, but you will be normal, different normal. A strong, inspiring woman, who did this on her own. I'm proud of you, and alf el 7amdellah 3la salamtek o 3la salamat your mother.

Slashy said...

I am proud of you too!!! I LOVE YOU.

Allah yehawin 3alaiha inshallah w you'll be happy w healthy 3ala 6ool too.

the boudoir. said...

That is the sweetest thing any mom can say to her girl!

We r all proud of u..wallah yashfee umich wiy9abiirha. winshallah she will always b strong and indure the pain

noora said...

itha ana proud of u, lesh intay matsereen proud of you ;p FOURME u r one 3AJEEBA woman ;** ya5ty allah ya7fethich 7q ur mama ameen

reemas said...

what ??@@ delusional people my ass :p
we ment what we said.. and we said what we felt .. it wasn't about being kind.
u don't give a chance for someone to feel sorry for u.. coz u were a strong fighter.. as i already mentioned that several times :)
Now u r cured inshallah for good.
how come we r still nice to u ? :p
coz we loved u and still do :)
and we r all proud of u
we even feel proud of ourselves that we participated with our words in this battle.. even if it is a tiny participation compared to what u went thru.
God bless u and ur mother and ur family and all ur dear ones


aL-NooR . said...

ProudOfYouSoMuch <3

Glitter said...

I meant every word :*


Anonymous said...

Allah eshafee your mum inshallah... Yes, it is sometimes hard to believe what people say on the internet. However, in your case, I believe every single person that say's you inspired them in one way or another because you inspired me. I am more of an optimist than I ever was before. Yes, I have my down days. But usually Ill turn them around by noon once I think of what you went through and still managed to smile.dress up for chemo, bake cakes for your nurses, while what you had was a lot worse than what I go through on my down days... Allah ewafgech...

1001Nights said...

You sure as hell are!

5a6ach ilsoo ma tshoof shar ilwaalda :)