Friday, 24 December 2010

I'm in Colour

Two days ago was the first time I colour my nails in ages! You should have seen the smile on my face with ever stroke of colour that covered my nails.. Almost a year because prior to chemo I was too ill to be bothered to do my nails and during chemo I wasn't allowed.. Everyone I met in the past couple of days I told them look LOOK I coloured my nails :D No one seems to be as excited as I am, I guess no one felt as deprived as I did.

How many of you colour your nails and think of it as a blessing? I bet all of you don't give it a second thought let alone think it's a blessing. No one thinks such a little thing is important until you're forbidden from it.

p.s. I'm a girl again *giggles*


Anony said...

Lat9eer mali7 blhajer o enta sukaar :p

RainDrop said...

i totally get u! i've just colored my nails after a long time of color-less nails due to my busy schedule .. 6ab3an that's nothing compared to what u've been thru.. hehe lame me! but ENJOY COLOR BEING PART OF UR LIFE, ONCE AGAIN!

what color did u put?

الزين said...

وه وعسى الضحكه دوم ما تفارق محياج
ويعل المرض ما ياج

دللي روحج
وكل يومين غيري اللون
سوي مثلي
ابد مالت السبا صارت رفيجتي كثر ما تييني البيت تسوي اظافري


q8othug said...



Stuck in Lab said...

How many times do I have to tell you! There is no U in color. Learn proper English!

Intimidating? (I tried)

symphony said...

yaaaay. I'm so happy for you :*

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when I had alopecia (tha3laba). It was in the back of my head and the rest of my hair fell down over it and covered it. But I could never do a pony tail and I had to make sure it was covered by my hair. Well thank God thank God after a few years the hair grew back there and I was able to do a ponytail alhamdila.

-Silent Simmer