Monday, 29 November 2010

Much Appreciated :*

Where do I start from? Whom do I thank first??!? So many yet so little words to express my gratitude..

First and foremost I thank God that gave me a new life and blessed me with remission.. I am so humble, speechless, and helpless. I do not know how to thank him.. I walk on the streets saying il7amdillah over and over again yet I know it is not enough.. If I spend what's left of my life 3ala syadat e9alat thanking Him for this blessing, still it wouldn't be enough! Alf alff il7amd lik ya rabi ya kareem :*

Second.. Even though she won't read this I'd like to thank my mother, a woman that took care of me during this time like a child of a day old, shalatny 3ala kfoof era7a! 3omry ma6la3 mn yzaach ya youma :* Yallah ya kareem ya36eech e97a wil 3afya o yshfeech mn kil marath o y7fthich mn kil shar o yfari7 galbich o ysknich sabi3 jana o may7rimny minich Allahoma ameeeeeeen.. And my aunts and cousins whom were unbelievably supportive and there for me anyway possible..

Third.. My dearest dearesssst darling friend who held my hand for more than 8 hours during each chemo session.. She was there for 10 out of 12 of them.. She flew to be with me every 2 weeks.. Yaa rabii estir 3arth'ha w rzg'ha bzoj e9ali7 ely ys3idha w 7fth'ha mn kil shar..

Fourth.. My darling bestie (even though she's become annoying since she got married, bs ma3thoora tawha 3aroos).. I thank her from the bottom bottommmmm of my heart for being there for me, even though at times i was soo rude to her due to my treatment.. You know no matter what happens how much i love you and consider you a sister not a friend.. Ya kareeeem ya shafi ya mo3afy tshafy omha mn elcancer o tfari7 glaibha o tkamil 3alaiha fr7at'ha.. o tarzig'ha bthoreya e9al7a (2 girls plz God 3ashan etsamy ethanya 3ala esmy :p )

Fifth.. Ohhhh God what do i say???!!! Because i swear to you i have no words to thank these girls for what they have done!! Their kindness makes my heart melt and my eyes tear, i cannot believe i was so blessed to have met such pure and beautiful hearted girls.. In total they sent 13 packages and 1 personally delivered package.. 11 of those packages i couldn't wait to get home to open.. Imagine spending 8 to 10 hours at hospital having blood tests done, endless needle poking, doctor talks/examinations, array of meds, and finally 2 hours of chemo!! Pure poison.. My body and mind used to be destroyed I'd come home feeling like death and cannot lift my hand to eat and my mother has to feed me.. Yet the second i change my clothes i drop to the floor and open my "Tuesday Package" as i liked to call them.. They were the only thing that cheered me up they were the highlight of my day.. Not only those twins Anony and Zawi are truly amazing girls but they sent me those packages every 2 weeks without fail!!! i wish i can do something to repay these darlings yet there isn't i just hope rabi yrzg'hom e97a wil 3afya o yastrhom dinya w akhra o yarzig Zawi eldarazan yahal ely tabehom :p

Sixth and last but not least.. Thank you to Danderma and Palomino for putting up with my mood swings and supporting me even though i was rude and an idiot to them. My darling bloggers, my silent readers, my stalkers, and dear strangers.. Thank you to every person who read my blog or told a loved one/family/friend about me, to every person that wished me well, to every person that prayed for me.. Thank you to every person that participated in the tuesday packeges. Thank you for the lovely and supportive emails. Thank you for every comment. Thank you for your posts. Thank you for the site/article in paper/flowers/ and endless support. Without ALL of this i would not have been able to overcome to horrid disease.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to every person that raised their hands to God and prayed for my recovery.. Ya rabi ya kareem tshafy o t3afy kil ensan da3aly o twafga o tastira dinya w akhra inshallah..

Alf il7amdillah alf il7amdillah alf alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al :D


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

alf el7mdllah 3ala salamtch!!!!! :********

over the recent eid break, my fam and I were travelling, and every morning we used to check on you to see if the results came out!! Alf el7imdllah!!!!!!!

LOVING the positiveness!! Allah eyshafi elwalda w ya36eeha el9e7a wl3afya, w Allah eykhaleeekm lb3a'9 family and loved ones!

AlabasterMuslim said...

Alhamdullilah!!! I am so happy for the happiness you have right now, subhanallah, you've made it through one of the most hard things someone can go through and allahu akbar, for this may allah swt make you one of the believers on the day of judgment! ameen!!

Danderma said...


U were never rude by the way... o stop saying thank you 4y wella you will get an into a snowball fight :p

ولاّدة said...

ألف الحمد لله على السلامة

واسمحي لي أن أشكرك أنتِ على مشاركتك لنا في تلك التجربة القاسية
صدقيني فورمي لقد كنتِ لي معلمة روحانية استمديت منها معاني كبيرة وكثيرة للحياة..بعد أن قرأت لك ومعكِ لم أعد ولاّدة ما قبل فورمي
لقد أحدثتِ نقلة خطيرة في نظرتي للحياة ورسختِ بعض الثوابت التي كانت مزعزعة لأسباب مختلفة

أنت ملهمة حد النبوة
وصادقة حد الوجع

بوركتِ عزيزتي

Jewaira said...

That is wonderful news.

Sweet Revenge said...

ربي لك الحمد علي نعمه
والحمد لله الي شافاج وعافاج
وفرج همج وهم احبابج
الاهل والاصدقاء الطيبين نعمة مابعدها نعمة
الله يتممها عليج ويرزقج كل ماتتمنين

Jacqui said...

Allahouma Amen Enshalla.. Enshalla allah edoom 3alaich else7a o ma eredlich hal marath elkhabeeth..

Wishing you see all your future dreams and wishes come true.

Slashy said...


Anonymous said...

1- U know I love u
2- U made me cry 3ashan i read about ur mom and E bs u forgot S
3- yarab eshafii my mom ya Kareem
4- I didn't do anything I just supported u with love
5- Big thank u for the girls they made everything
7- I need a nanny for my future kids inshslah :p so u have job for the future
8- U made overcome a C bitch
9- We will get our Phd inshallah
10-I LOVE YOU :******

atoona said...

yazeenech o yazeen your happy posstt!
*sends fofo a big fat hug*

Anonymous said...

alf il7imdilla 3alla salamtich .. i hope my gift helped you through some of your days : )
now come back to Kuwait and let us celebrate :p

-M al S

q8othug said...

and thank you too 4me

for changing our perception of life and realizing how fragile and precious it is.

how not to sweat over the little trivial things

to live strong

and having us with you in your journey to freedom and second life


Babble said...

Inshallah you make a speedy recovery from the chemo and you get all your strength back soon!

You did it girl!! YOU KICKED CANCER'S ASS!!!!!!!!


MushuThaLohari said...

Thank you for surviving.

Enough said (:

PaLoMiNo said...

Malyon Mara gayltlich don't thank me lol
When were u rude?!
U never were!

Anonymous said...

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