Monday, 19 April 2010

Who Knows?

If one more doctor says "I don't know" I will scream! They ALL don't know!! WHO WHOOOOOO is meant to know if not the DOCTORS who spent years and years studying!! Maybe if I ask the postman he'll know!

Fine no one knows.. Even the one they were all waiting for his response doesn't know and now he's waiting for others to try and figure it out!! And I'm waiting for cows to fly.. Honestly I simply gave up on hoping someone will figure it out.. I just did 11 pages worth of blood tests.. my arm looks like that of a heroin addict with all the needle poking.. So what's next?! Either 1 more procedure of poking around and taking samples or go on medication that treats nothing! Like seriously treats the wrong thing but they just wanna treat me blindly for anything and hoping it cures something!

I weep like a child then other times not give a damn because really what am I to do?! So ya tomorrow is another day.. Cheer up.. And don't let the petty things bother you cuz shit can hit the fan like you wouldn't imagine :)

So for the time being your incurable blogging friend FourMe wishes you a wonderful day :)


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Average.Q8i said...

I Miss u .. O Entay Yallee Fougee .. ;p .. Im A GRADUATE .. ;p ..

Errant said...

I'm praying for you ..

Smart CoOKie said...

At times like this, I bet you wish Dr.House was real.

I'm really intrigued to get a look at your case. I hope they find out soon. Allah y3eenik o yshfeeki.

Chuckles ;* said...

aww hun im so sorryy salamaaat ooo ya rab yshfeeekii .. whats wrong with u ..i know no one knows but like what symptoms are u facing that showed you hve something wrong?

WSS said...

Who knoWs

I believe that you gonna be fine

Just say to Hope "Hey u r Mine!"

Don't be sad it's all about Time

This sadness will vanish and die

I don't know how or what they know

I do believe this shit will go

Incurable don't say it And show

The Incredible fOurmE we used 2know

You wished for us a wonderful day

We wish for you a new cure way

And That's so sweet from U 2 say

God Blessed the name

Behind that nickname

KTDP said...

Please read my ever so long post to find out why doctors don't know .......

Snow said...

I am really sorry to hear that, it must be SO frustrating. Is it possible to go abroad to see a Dr.? My sis is studying medicine now at home (States) and they always have cases they need to figure out, she's at a teaching medical University...maybe she can have her profs give some ideas... UmmFaisal.

FourMe said...


no need for a frown.. one cannot escape their destiny..


thank u so much :* very much needed

smart cookie:
ironically that's what i told mother! told her maybe if i go see House he'll be able to fix me!

thank u dear.. if i get fixed and this is all over i'll email you a whole lot about it

Alah ysalmich dear..

I have severe lower back pain around the hip and in right leg. one day I was woken up from a pain that literally paralysed the lower part of my body accompanied with the most excruciating pain you can ever imagine. Since then I am constantly on painkillers and if am an hour late in taking it i get the same horrid pain again. But now it progressed to episodes during the day where I get a pain all over my body that hurts to move or breathe, imagine even my skin starts aching.. I cannot explain it, its too horrible :(

Symptoms, everything hurts sleeping, sitting, walking. Stabbing pain ALL the time.

read it.. not acceptable! I want to be fixed :((

SO FRUSTRATING! I am abroad, I'm in London and you'd think they are more knowledgeable here!! I'm giving them 1 more week in not I'm gona seek other doctors anywhere in the world. Will let you know about that. thank u dear

ohDear!! said...

Sounds like something is wrong with your nerves :s
Ajr w thawab insha' Allah dear, getting hurt as I read is zakat of the body.
Wish you all the best w ma tshofi shar!

Snow said...

Have they ruled out Fibromyalgia? It is a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression, and anxiety. My sister has it and she's been on pain meds for years...

FourMe said...

it's one muscle that's causing the problem and screwing everything around it.

shar mayeech. il7amdila 3ala kil 7al

i don't know if they considered that one specifically. but from what I know they ruled out everything in the medical books.

you're the 2nd person to mention that, will ask about it tomorrow.

Hope said...

awww sweety
I now how it feels
9ij sometimes it's better if u know what u've got.. even if it's bad
waiting & not knowing & the speculations R just horrible
InShallah they'll figure out what's wrong, don't worry, eventually they'll find out
just believe that they will & that u're gonna B o.k & everything shall go ur way InShallah

Anonymous said...

hmm, today I was informed of fawzia clinic in Kuwait, they do wonders (so far they excelled cases that were clueless to both US & British doctors)

hope you get well soon *hugz*

FourMe said...

inshala i hope so..

i just checked out their site

if that's the one u mean I don't think they would be able to help me unfortunately :(

Snow said...

Fawzia Clinic has Reiki, go to Leila, I've only heard excellent things about her, it is energy could try it out.

Sara said...

You know i heard elyom ena kelaa ebtlaa2 mn alla so ygarbch 3aleh..when god loves a person who is good deep down and that person wanders off their rightous pass or what they say, god makes them extremely sick and during this sickness the person will get closer to god through prayer and do3a2 because he loves them..wnshalla lama tyen tet7asbeen byaghfrlch kel thenobch mn hal amra'6 wl mo3anat 9adgeeni..
9alay o ed3ay malech '3er rabch bysa3dech inshalla
stay strong and have faith!