Saturday, 24 April 2010

In the Head

Enough sicky posts and lets talk about something else.. A while back I watched Oprah interview Lady Gaga and James Cameron.. She was fascinated by their artistic minds and told Lady Gaga that she would love to spend 5 minutes in her head and 10 minutes in JC's head or so.. Now wouldn't that just be absolutely fascinating! Wouldn't you love spending couple of moments or hours in someone else's head and perceive the world and certain situations through their eyes!

From people I know I have a couple that I would want to be in their heads for a bit. Yet from famous or historical figures I have no clue! Shakespeare would definitely be on the list. I would like to jump from one persons head to the other and just randomly observe how they see the world and roam around their thoughts..

Who's head would you want to be in?


Anony said...

Good night :*

Anonymous said...

mine is quite enough thanks, its a but like alice in wonderland meets the late bad boy lee, throw in some victorian literature into the mix.

glad to see you gradually come back *hugz*

OneGirlsDream™ said...

I would want to be in Tim Burton's mind. Or maybe JK Rowling, so I could write another Harry Potter book.


Anonymous said...


Errant said...

humm .. love the idea!

I want to be in an empty space like .. Pris Hilton's ? lol

I'll chose genius ppl definitely ..

FourMe said...

nite nite..

God that sounds hectic! Would love couple of minutes in your head..

On the contrary I'm getting worse but just am so tired of the sick talk and being asked how am doing and wondering why no diagnoses and pain meds and getting excruciating pain blah blaaaah blah :(

I still haven't read nor seen any of the Harry Potters :/

bad choice.. my head is far too messed up.. no one would be able to survive up there even for couple of minutes..

nice! do ya think hiltons head is all pink and sparkly on the inside :p