Friday, 16 April 2010


Dawn of Hope
~Daniel Gerhartz

my mind feels perfectly fine I get moments where I feel happy and cheerful yet my body is in conflict.. i'm in constant pain and literally feel sick from all the pills i'm taking.. the little girl feels like my mind yet the older one feels like my body.. beautiful picture..

imagine the torture today.. my veins are non-existent these days that nurse gave me injection in arm and needle came back out.. so where does the other nurse give me the injection? in the WRIST!! not arm not hand NO on the side of my wrist.. it hurt like helling HELL.. i never even knew you can get an injection there!! they injected me with 3 different injections just to have the mri done. so much fun. wait it gets better!!

my results are in from procedure i did last week and guess what?! came out negative for everything they suspected! No wait that's NOT good news because now i have to do a more invasive procedure and they wana do it under local anaesthetic and it will hurt like fucky fuck! they either fill me up with drugs like a crack whore or i ain't doing it awake.. let them knock me out with general anaesthetic seeing they're already gona admit me back into hospital..

rheumatology, orthopedics, and radiology in total 6 doctors are on my case and they CANNOT find the reason.. they can see it on the scans but they don't know what's causing it!! doctor told me today whatever it is it's being "funny" and hiding! the mother fuck is playing hide and seek whatever it is! i now qualify to have my case examined on House and Greys Anatomy maybe they would be better at diagnosing me :(

this is getting pathetic..


WSS said...

no it's not pathetic you never know maybe the next Doctor will be handsome like Dr.Pink and you will feel no pain with Dr like zat ;]

Anyways I hope everything gonna be fine y3ny mo ma3qola kela akhbar mo zaina nafs ely ga3ed eyseer feny el7een hehehe Bas 3ala golat el sha3er
قل لمن يحمل هما ان الهم لا يدوم
مثلما تفنى المسرات كذلك تفنى الهموم

doona said...

7yaty ;*

im praying for you wallah...kasra kha6ry :( ajr oo 3afya inshallah

allah yshafeech oo y3afeech oo yhawen 3laich golay ameen

plz do let me knw if theres anything i can do 7beeby