Wednesday, 14 April 2010

i miss me

- I'm so thankful to be able to have a day like today.. Just spent it out with mum, laughed, joked, and just enjoyed myself.. Was very VERY much needed after this whole mess..

- I still can't walk properly. I walk at the pace of a tortoise and I have to walk holding onto something.. I'll be damned if I walk aided by a walking stick so instead I use my umbrella.. damn that sounds bad :/ It is okay.. I guess my body hasn't recuperated yet.. till then I walk slower than the elderly! I'm an old/young slow hottie skrabaa and I rock :D

- I miss the cheerful me....

-Damn how these past 2 weeks have been like a slap on the face.

- Sickness teaches you to beg God like you've never begged before.. Teaches one humility.. Just shows you what an insignificant bastard you are and how the world does NOT revolve around you and it can all tip head over heels in a split second.. Yes we all know that but don't really believe it till we experience it..

- i miss the banter.. ..

- I have a MRI scan on thurs and it's going to be a loooooong one..Before the scan they have to give me the dye injection :(( I HATE INJECTIONS plus it makes me dizzy for some reason :/ From how often am having them I started to become claustrophobic and seriously start getting very agitated inside the hell hole.. so to help me take my mind off of it am gona take a cd of Om Kalthoum and have them play it for me.. i bet ya when Om Kalthoum recorded her music she didn't imagine 50 years down the line a girl would play it whilst stuck in a MRI machine!

- This blog sucks.. All I talk about is hospital related crap :/ Lets hope this blows over in the next 3 weeks and I return to being the nagging bitch that you all love and some loathe :)

Till then bear with me my darling daaarling strangers..

i is liking this tune.. i hope you all have a fabulous day :*


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

;** i miss u soo much soo soo much ;** hope u get btr v sooon :** love ya ,,,

zwena said...


moi said...

matshoofeen shar enshallaa bbz ;*

K.D said...

Ok good... Almost there!
Don forger when you see the ligh...

I really really wish I can make it better
May Allah give me back my stranger back.. Better than ever ;)

Stuck in Lab said...

Good. Im glad to see you back on yer feet. Keep it that way!

It becomes increasingly harder to be sentimental and write short comments to lift ones spirit. Everythings been said!

Please dont force me to be creative.

PS. Its such a coincidence. Ive been high on life for the past 24 hours I just couldn't believe it. ;)

Anonymous said...

matshofeeeen sharr dearr ;* ajer w 3afya enshAllah!


ZoN said...

w3ayzna nerga3 zay zaman, 2ool lil zamaaaan erga3 ya zamaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
hatly 2lb la 7ab wala dab wala engara7 wala shaf 7erman.
w tfeeed be2aih ya nadaaam ya nadaam, w te3ml eeh ya 3athab.