Thursday, 8 April 2010


-Am back home (was meant to stay a week),couldn't stay longer in hospital as I would have threw myself out of the window.
-Tomorrow gotta go back for a procedure :(
-Me + Morphine= a fly that's been sprayed with Pif Paf.. I cannot handle such strong sedatives, I got high :/
-I caused a conflict between my doc and doc in radiology. One wants something and the other is saying no o 9arat bainhom..
-I was attended to by a dozen docs but one of them was s0 damn hot that I was blushing when he spoke to me hehe i know maksoora w tbarid 9a7 :p but he was that good looking that I just couldn't not notice him.. good thing my pain got worse before he had to examine me and he said I won't bother you and let you rest... I would have melted if he touched me hehe :p
-My neighbours were all 80+ years old and they were able to move more than I could!
-I'm not scared anymore.. Even though still don't know what's wrong.
-They changed my meds and I'm in constant pain now.
-When your health is gone nothing else in the world matters.. The world could go up in flames and you really wouldn't give two flying shits..
- Never NEVER neglect back pain and have it checked out ASAP!! I could have spared myself so much pain if I attended to it earlier.
-Alf il7amdilah 3ala kil 7al..

On a lighter note, I am unable to get angry at anything anymore.


Anony said...


Lili3 said...

OMG salamt I hope the procedure goes well :)

f7ee7eely said...

at least you have emerged out of this ordeal with a benefit...

serenade said...

ma 3aalych shar inshalla,, you deserve a break for all of this,, once Allah iygawmich bisalamah inshalla,, take a couple of days off,, i know you may be busy with ur mom but a few days off together may help

*hug* xx

Anonymous said...

abi ad3eelkom both u and ur mom.. matshofeen shar enshalah khair bas i have to say the scariest part is not knowing what it is.. i hope u get the care u need 7ata min na7ya 6ebeyya, inshalah they're good enough to figure out whats wrong so they can treat it faster.. khalech qaweya i know it must be hard bas mashalah u look like ur handling it as well as anyone could.. especially enech ur trying to be strong in front of ur mom, mashalah 3alaich.. alah yshafech enshalah w hopefully ull be rid of this soon..

doona said...

salamat 7beeby ;*

i wish there's something i could do...i really hope you feel better soon :( oo please do keep us updated on wha happens with you ;*

and do let me know if theres anything i can do :(

ps: i cant believe u voluntarily left dr. mcdreamy ;)

FourMe said...

alah ysalmich dear


after the scares of these months i need a year off not just couple of days.. *hug*

shar mayeech dear.. rabi eysalmich w ykhaleech thank u.. ya the not knowing part is horrible :(

alah ysahil inshala

ysalmich doona :* nothing can be done.. kila eb eed rabich.. whats meant to happen will happen.. il7amdila 3ala kil 7al