Sunday, 4 April 2010


I'm scared. Really really scared. I've only been this scared in my life over mama's health couple months ago and now me. I'm terrified. I'm hoping for the best but the pain I've been feeling tells me it's not something ok.

I'm trying to act fine so mum doesn't get upset. But I cannot. I'm scared and terrified. I haven't left the house since thursday. I'm so worried and scared :(

I have no objection as to what ever they diagnose me with or what happens or why me and all that, if this is what God wants then Alf il7amdillaa but I'm just so scared.


Anony said...


serenade said...

nothing has helped me more during times of desperation than سورة البقرة

stay strong xx :(

identity said...

wee matchofyn shar inshalla;* .. inshalla its nothing but a lil pain that will go away soon;*({})
5aly imanich ib allah '3awii hun oo inshalla everything will turn out for the best..

Stuck in Lab said...

Everything'll turn out just fine. Dont you worry. These are the wise words of a constantly disappointed hypochondriac.

You're too young for anything that bad/serious. Dont make me go through the statistics. You;re fine, you'll see.

*This is me NOT making any wisecracks*

WSS said...

Don't worry everything gonna be fine

Patience is all you need and try

To not think of the pain try

To say to your worries bye

You are now facing something we didn't face it before

You have the power to ignore it all

Kick your scaring thoughts like a ball

Worrying will increase the pain more

Don't terrify your beautiful soul.

Allah Eygawmech bel salama Weygawem el walda inshallah ma3ach

At the end, Inshallah

When everythings be fine you will come back again with big smile

saying to life I luv you, you're mine .

God blessed you and your family Inshallah .

Standy said...

inshallah kahir o maykoon feesh ela alf 3afiya inshalllah

Sumaiah said...

It's only normal that you're scared, if you weren't that will be weird! Bs inshallah the results will be better than what you're expecting and it's nothing serious. Stay strong and you'll get through it inshallah:)

K.D said...

yup.. it's bad.. i can feel it too!

ah well.. we had a good run.. if you died say hi to my lil brother salem
and if you dont.. well.. its only a matter of time!!!

eshda3wa said...

inshalah malich ela el3afya ya rab

f7ee7eely said...

enshallah mako shy keep us posted as to your prognosis....