Thursday, 18 March 2010

United Boys Shaking iT!

This is AWESOME! MUST MUST MUST SEE for footie lovers.. Seeing the Red Devils out of their element and trying to "free style't" is just hilarious!! As ALL of them suck in shaking their booty!! The boys who are worth millions cannot shake their booty to save their lives yet they can make grown ups cry from joy and sadness. LOVED IT! This sketch is part of Comic Relief a charity show that takes place every year in March in an attempt to raise funds to make a change in the world "Our vision is ‘a just world free from poverty’ ". Hats off to you boys in Red for taking part :*


FourMe said...


PaLoMiNo said...

MAMNOOO3 9a7baat il blog tgoool reserved hahahahahhaa

me 1st :P

PaLoMiNo said...

LOOOOL 7abyt shlon they shaked their booty hahahahhahaha

FourMe said...

hehe reserved for 7ilwat eleban anony :p

ee they look adorable! the look on Wes Browns face kills me hehee 7ada mndmij :p

PaLoMiNo said...

laa since it for anony ma ngdar ngool shay hehehehe :**

PaLoMiNo said...

agooool I left a comment for a retard yengala WhySoSerious in ur previous post, bas akhaaf ma ygraah o i really want him to read it... fa i will copy/paste it here for him to read:

entaa haay ele yngaalik WhySoSerious... 1st of all!
Kaifhaa etgool ele tgola enta shtaby???
betgoly raza wayhe??
Save that to urself!!!
eeh raza wayhe nafs ma ent raz wayhik o ga3d tdakhal eb shy maykh9ik okay!

listen kid...

3indik shay zain tgola? golaa... if not... FUCK OFF..

mashalla ba3d kil hal kalaam ga3ed ada7rech? wtf?!

isma3ny.. lemme diagnose ur condition...
inta feek maraath esma "tefelsifnation"
o lil asaaf ma lik 3elaaj..
I feel sorry for u guys...

Bas leme give u some advice...
Hal advice 7i6a 7ala'a bwdaanik as they say.. okay mama?? mafhoom??

1. F U C K YOU
7asaait kilmat fuck emthygtik wayd.. yes eb tesm3ha wayd so if u wana stick around here... Get use to it!

2. Pull your head out of your ass, and think b4 u comment okay?

3. Stereotyping isn't an efficient way to live your life, fahmni?

4. The questions u ask FourMe makes you sound like trash, so i'm thinking that you look like trash, or smell like trash. Don't ask questions like that unless you are Trash.

5. Stop being an asshole, Yes u r being an asshole, b9r7a I doubt ur ability to read, ow jad Its amazing how ur able to put a few words together, type them and hit the “publish your comment” button.

6. Finally, I never wana see U being rude around here, Got that?
etha feek 3oqad o tefelsif taby 6al3a... Go somewhere else!
Le'ana this blog has no space for shallow people like u...

identity said...


aham shay the guy showing them the dance LOL ohwa oo his shorts hahaha

GO reds hahahah

btw did u see the Champions League 1/4 draw?

ZoN said...

eh not bad for the manu boys, i just hope they beat barca if they meet.

ps. wow palo is on fire.. i dont want to cross her way

Anony said...



wallaa baradtaay chabdeeee , an aga3da agra o bagat 3yooni !! tawn iyaya bakteb wala algeech radaa

ee walla fuck off, ghair shaghla hatheee

3ashaat palo :D

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i miss commenting !!

WhySoSerious said...

PaLoMiNo :

I didn't mean to harm her , mashallah 3alaich aggressive Hady a3sabech o sherbay may , I'm sorry if i did hurt her by what i said.

I wouldn't replay to your comment the way you did , not because i Can't but because "Enough shit" .

One More Thing :

PaLoMiNo I don't have shallow mind
I'm not the one who said "I'm One Of a Kind" ;]

FourMe :

My apologize FourU .

About my Comments :

you can approve it or remove it .

Points of views might be hard to be accept .

About The Post :

I wouldn't imagine roony will do that lol!

P.S : Sorry Again for misunderstanding :]

FourMe said...

heheheheheee can I borrow your whip sometime :p

Smithy is hilarious you should see the rest of that sketch, they just aired it couple of hours ago..

same here.. fingers crossed.

lik wa7sha zoona!

yaa she's awesome :D

ba3ad galbi palomino kafat wafat.. hathy ely9er when people think they're being smart and funny when in reality shofat 3ainich mayabela yengal..

i miss leban :(

WhySoSerious said...

FourMe : hehehe when I say sorry this is what I got ? ;] , do you really think i can't make her cry with just few words ?

you think she's awesome because she kissed your ass ;] hehehe so shallow

Anyways I'm not regret for saying what I said but I said sorry because you got it in a wrong way and i didn't mean to harm you .

I hope when you grow more you will understand what I'm saying .

Don't worry I wont visit your blog again and this is my last comment so you wont be bothered by mE .

Smile & Be Happy ;]

PaLoMiNo I'm sorry to say your comments Eydel 3ala el be'ah ely rebaitay feha, Allah Eyhany Oboch fech , Hatha Etha 3endech Obo ;]

Peace ;]

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooooooooL so adorable they suck big time in dancing looooooooool Thanks for sharing

PaLoMiNo said...


I was busy so I wasn't able to reply earlier...

Regarding ur comment U left @ 19 March 2010 15:16:

hmmm... ahdy a39aby o ashrab maaay?

Darling apology accepted.. 7a9al khair..

ana 3a9aabt bcoz ma a7ib when people are rude and ignorant..
bas maykhalef since 3araft ghaltik... asm7ik :)
As they say, mistakes in life are lessons..
We learn from our mistakes.. I hope u learned from ur mistake..

o ya 3azeezi B4 using words such as "enough shit"
learn how to spell first okay?
it's reply not replay*

Regarding the shallow mind thingie u mentioned...
Me being one of a kind is not shallowness.. :)
o b3dain kil shakh9 3arf nafsa..
3adil? :)

( رحم الله امرأً عرف قدر نفسه )

wathi7 u don't know ma3na kilmaat shallow...

don't use a word if u don't know what it means...
shallowness is defined as being superficial, for example,
judging a person by the way they look, not personality.

Fahmt now? sheft shloon it's the other way round?

U are being shallow and not me..

Unfortunately I read ur 2nd comment, 20 March 2010 01:45 after
replying 3al 1st comment...

I regret wasting my time... I thought I was talking to a MAN,
but it turned out ur a confused kid.. Probably with a bipolar disorder or maybe Schizophrenic.. allah yshafeek inshallah.. U will be in my prayers...

Please seek therapy asap

Regarding This:

"PaLoMiNo I'm sorry to say your comments Eydel 3ala el be'ah
ely rebaitay feha, Allah Eyhany Oboch fech , Hatha Etha 3endech Obo ;]"

You KID.. Bagolik shay..
I'm sure mara7 tefham el7een...
Don't worry.. u will but only etha 9ert Rayaaal...
Otherwise.. U never will o u will remain a NARROW Minded BITCH 6ool

"Oby" allah eykhaleeh o y6wel eb
3omraa inshalla..
taaaaj rasik o Taj raas ele yabok weli yabohom ba3d. #FACT

Isma3ny 3adil... Ana ma yebt 6ari ahlik.. But since u started..
T7maal ele byeek...

Wallah al3atheeem en yebt 6areeey al walid again 3ala elsanik al wasikh hatha..
9adegny ra7 eykoon lee 7saab thany weyaak...

ow Mani rada 3ala ur other rude comments 6ab3an...
leana alkalaam weyaak '6ay3..

galhaa almotanaby..

وإذا أتتك مذمتي من ناقص فهي الشهادة لي بأني كامل

Finally... Khetaamoha misk...

Allah 3azawjaal.. Gal bil Quran...

{خُذِ الْعَفْوَ وَأْمُرْ بِالْعُرْفِ وَأَعْرِضْ عَنِ الْجَاهِلِينَ}

PaLoMiNo said...


hehehhee 7abeebty *HUGS*
love u :**
sexiest and hottest twins ever ;*