Tuesday, 16 March 2010

tiny person

Oh my God kill me and kill me NOW.. My uterus is craving babies :/ This happens every once in a while (am sure I spoke about this a while back).. These days when I see babies I feel a tug in my stomach and I get this pressing feeling of wanting one :( My body and uterus are yearning for a baby.. crap..

Problem is I'm not a fan of babies or as I like to call them little people.. I don't know how to deal with them.. I cannot communicate with them.. Just like technology, when my laptop is acting up I smack it, obviously I can't smack a baby and can't talk to it so I just don't mix with them and keep miles away.. Babies frustrate me.. I'm not your average female, I lack the motherly genes, the bride genes, and all the lovey dovey mushy wushy female genes. And this yearning is going against ME. My maternal genes are kicking in :( I don't like going googoo gaagaa over babies! Big time ewwww.. Yes ewww I don't like them.. I'm entitled to my opinion.. Point is my body wants a lil lump of pink flesh.. Need to hug it, play with it, and love it. Fuck womanhood and fuck being all hormonal and feminine crap.. fuck it..


Anony said...


Anony said...

hahahahahaahahaha :P

FourMe said...

hehehee very funny i know :p
the one who kicks babies wants a baby!

WhySoSerious said...

LOL what do you like or love?! , kelshay fuck it o fuck that o fuck drama o fuck life o faj'ah tagleben "bas tara ana akhaf rabyy" ;r!
Only God can Judge mE. whats sup yaw ,2pac eyserlech mn eb3eed ?! :E

FourMe said...

don't ya think that comment is pushing on the rude end? Nonetheless, yes akhaf rabi, a9aly, agra quran, a9oom, o 6ool elyoum etshofny maska msba7 asabi7 w athkir rabi..

I'm not pretending to be 100% religious or 100% fucked up.. I don't put on an act like most people do and preach perfection and hide their other side.. here I blog about all my sides, the good, the bad, and the very ugly..

And on another note, I love football, politics, fashion, world affairs, my family, seeing people happy, water, and many other things.. Oh and to be exact I love LIFE itself but that doesn't mean it has been kind to me..

And yes only God can judge.. because people are equally fucked up and NO one has the right to judge or think in anyway they are better than the other..

WhySoSerious said...

Wow , that's good ! I think yesterday you did post about your weakness but it seems you are back stronger , see I pushed you to be stronger and kill your fucking weakness "Thanks mE":r . I'm not judging I told you before.
talking about your bad ugly side i think we know it , what about the good one !? I think you never talked about it . End of Story , no harm feelings please if you are full of anger watch football match with your family and drink water in a fashion way while you reading a politic article talking about world affairs :I

FourMe said...

I am strong and weak at the same time, one does not have to be either or.. do you honestly believe a comment on a blog will solve my problems and change my attitude towards life? hehe you've gotta be kidding..

There are more than 500 posts, flick through them and you'll see some of my good side.. people who read this blog usually get what am talking about cuz they've either been following it from the beginning or read all the previous posts.. before casting an opinion that strong you should have all the facts or done your homework to understand the bigger picture..

and don't worry no bad feelings as this is how you see me but that does not necessarily mean you're right, therefore I'm not offended :)

WhySoSerious said...

blogging is solving part of your problems, at least ga3da e6al3en your anger in your blog , so it's help! just like screaming alone or hitting something really hard and after doing it you feel better .

comments just like mini articles, we read books to gain more information might help us in any part in our life , a book is just like a One long comment from one person to many, showing what ever he have in order to help them , so yeah why not? comment might help to see life in better picture , but as i said before! you don't want any help and I'm not sorry about how you feel because you like it that way :]

FourMe said...

You truly believe that I enjoy being unhappy??!! do you think I like having to worry about my moms health and having to take her to the doctors every 2 weeks and be scared to death that the doctor will tell me bad news? Or I like how I feel about having another member of my family suffer from cancer? Or happy about other things that are going wrong that I wont discuss in a blog?!

You my friend know absolutely nothing about how I feel.. So don't assume that you do..

WhySoSerious said...

I didn't say that I know how you feel, I said you are making it worse! "Wain akhaf raby and I have faith o agtheb mesba7 ?" if you really have faith you wont act like that.
anyone would do/act the same you do in this situations but do you want to be just like anyone ?! I didn't say be happy but it doesn't mean to kill your soul.

FourMe said...

"you don't want any help and I'm not sorry about how you feel because you like it that way :] " .. that's what you said.. that insinuates that you know what I like and dislike.. and for the record I don't look for sympathy from anyone.. online or in real life.. I don't like people to feel sorry for me..

Ana m3tratht 3ala 7kmat raby o gayla alf il7amdilla.. by the way tara 7ata elanbeya'a reached a point where et3baw and gave up.. I'm not superwoman! I feel therefore I give up because I cannot take more till God grants me more will power to handle matters.. let's not get into my life and soul as this is obviously a one way conversation..

I need to sleep, have a pleasant morning (btw I'm an insomniac, you probably think I enjoy how that feels too)

WhySoSerious said...

I said I'm not sorry about how you feel "that doesn't mean i know how you feel" and if you don't like it then why are you enjoying the pain i think u said in one of your posts "
Hello my name is FourMe and I'm addicted to torturing myself".

And if you are not looking for sympathy stop showing your weakness through your problems and try to get over it without saying the F word .

about prophets you really makes me laugh :P , Etqarnen your problems eb theirs ?! hehehe ALLAH EYKON EF 3ONECH 7ata el rosol elnas te3a6efat ma3ahom o e36efaw 3alaihom wentay ma taben a7ad yet3a6ef 3alaich , ana agool ne6ray Jebreel Yemken Yanzel 3alaich :r

P.S : Akeed you wont sleep , ba3ad meshaklech akbar mn meshakel el anbeya'a how could you sleep :P
Ana agool stop doing this to your self and things will get better! but i guess you don't want ! and you like it that way!! la khallas atqashmar :) . Have a positive dream .

Candy said...
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Candy said...

LOOOOOL you are one of a hell woman :D embrace it,love it and deal with it :P

i hate these lil creatures too,they are so0o annoying ..

FourMe said...

you don't seem to understand what I'm saying.. I would have bothered to explain if you weren't disrespectful..

I won't bother replying.. thank you for your opinion, appreciated..

finally a woman who is not so in love with little people! Yaaay :p

identity said...

:S me + babies = bad news!:S REALLY BAD news hahahaha

Average.Q8i said...

I Love Babies .. (a); Till 2 .. :P ..