Friday, 5 March 2010


That's it I gave up no more trying to gain weight.. It won't happen and I won't force it to happen.. I tried, tried, tried, tried, and tried and I simply cannot gain an ounce.. I've been the same weight for the past 10 years, except for the odd emotional crises or sever sickness when I drop.. I have no appetite I tried pills, proteins, supplements, herbal meds, you name it I've tried it and it does NOT work on me.. My dietitian tells me you're lucky to have such figure and my doctor tells me I have the appetite of a 7 or 9 year old.. I like food yet I can't eat enough to pile on the meat.. I eat what fills me up which by normal people standards is bird portions..

Women deprive themselves from food and go to extreme measures to lose weight to have my figure and I've been bitching for over 15 years that I wanna gain SOMEONE SMACK ME PLEASE! But all I wanted were 5 or 6 kilos, nothing more nothing less.. Hell gaining more than that doesn't even look good on me and the girls turn into porn star status.. Ehh that is it I'm throwing in the towel at 50kg.. From now on I is loving me weight.. wily mo 3ajba ykfakh rasa eb agrab 6ofa..


Anony said...


Anony said...

i should go back to sleep :P

moi said...

I'm suffering from the same problem recently but I know I'll gain weight eventually ;p, don't pressure yourself, embraaace your figure ;p!

Smart CoOKie said...

How tall are you?

Faith said...

Same is here.. but so what right?
I did try walla but y3ni what should we do. 5la9 give up and love what you see ;D

Average.Q8i said...

Na7eeel el 5a9r Wel Gama Ytamayal Methl 3'u9n el Baan ..

FourMe said...

wow you have like a built-in alarm that tells u i post! 3aini 3alaich barda :*

it sucks.. inshala you will ;)
Oh am embracing :p


*sigh* i gave up.. i always loved me i just don't like my knees but that's a different issue :p no honestly that's why i don't wana gain much just 5.. bs that's it i wont bother..

yup thats me :p

WhySoSerious said...

"Ga3ed akfakh rasy bel 6ofa"

Nora said...
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Smart CoOKie said...

170cm & 50kg is not freakishly thin. It's perfect.

FourMe said...

don't hurt the wall :p

awww thank u babe :*

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehehehhe abe abe abe 48-50 ;D

Anonymous said...

thats ridiculous im 158 cm and i weigh 48 kilos and i AM skinny.. like skinny skinny.. i cant imagine what 50 would look on a 170cm person.. i used to be 42 a couple of months ago but i did certain things and gained 5-6 kilos w now im back on the same boat.. bas its basically because methel ma geltay ie i on;y eat enough to fill me up = bird portions. etha tabeen give me ur email w ill give u the name of the person that helped me im sure she can do something for u .. and shakes ma shakes dont work, they just make skinny ppl like us runny.. anyway 6awalt 3alaich if u want something to help give me ur email wagolech ;p
- L