Wednesday, 17 March 2010


This Alexander McQueen creation is a cross between a ballerina and Terminator inspired heels.
The shoe is quite the piece of art. Shoe art it is but definitely not foot candy!
Would you wear such a confused shoe?


FourMe said...


WhySoSerious said...

finally something without anger :I wela that's to show that you love something in life and your are not so negative ? la khalas ga3ed ada7rech

f7ee7eely said...

alllaaaaaaaaaaah eyhadach leesh magelteelna enna el dalai lama comments in ur blog???!!

FourMe said...

hhehehee sheft shloooon!! Dalai lama is nothing in comparison!

Errant said...

I would .. but when I'm naked !


identity said...

it looks really uncomfy..;s

would u ?

FourMe said...

hahaa exactly :p

quite funny!

never :/

PaLoMiNo said...

albes something weird chethe? okay 3adi bas heels hal 6ool?
hahahaha no no no :p kilsh mala da3y a9eer 2meters ;p

FourMe said...

come me and you wear them 3ashaan en9eer enkhaltain :p

seeing we're the same height we'll look damn sexy ;) mako Cindy o Claudia :p

PaLoMiNo said...

LOOOOL sure will bas la7tha la7tha...

ga3da agra el comments tawa.. in this post and the previous post..

hatha ele yengala WhySoSerious, shsalfat oma?!

Please FourMe, ra7 adakhaal bynkom.. u stay out plz :)
Thank you...


entaa haay ele yngaalik WhySoSerious... 1st of all!
Kaifhaa etgool ele tgola enta shtaby???
betgoly raza wayhe??
Save that to urself!!!
eeh raza wayhe nafs ma ent raz wayhik o ga3d tdakhal eb shy maykh9ik okay!

listen kid...

3indik shay zain tgola? golaa... if not... FUCK OFF..

mashalla ba3d kil hal kalaam ga3ed ada7rech? wtf?!

isma3ny.. lemme diagnose ur condition...
inta feek maraath esma "tefelsifnation"
o lil asaaf ma lik 3elaaj..
I feel sorry for u guys...

Bas leme give u some advice...
Hal advice 7i6a 7ala'a bwdaanik as they say.. okay mama?? mafhoom??

1. F U C K YOU
7asaait kilmat fuck emthygtik wayd.. yes eb tesm3ha wayd so if u wana stick around here... Get use to it!

2. Pull your head out of your ass, and think b4 u comment okay?

3. Stereotyping isn't an efficient way to live your life, fahmni?

4. The questions u ask FourMe makes you sound like trash, so i'm thinking that you look like trash, or smell like trash. Don't ask questions like that unless you are Trash.

5. Stop being an asshole, Yes u r being an asshole, b9r7a I doubt ur ability to read, ow jad Its amazing how ur able to put a few words together, type them and hit the “publish your comment” button.

6. Finally, I never wana see U being rude around here, Got that?
etha feek 3oqad o tefelsif taby 6al3a... Go somewhere else!
Le'ana this blog has no space for shallow people like u...

Zaina said...