Saturday, 27 March 2010

Reality is Calling

I believe every now and then we need a wake up call.. We need to get our heads out of the clouds and firmly plant our feet on the ground.. I'm a fan of reality I love reality yet sometimes I slightly mess up. Mind you I know I'm in the wrong yet I don't acknowledge it.. Stupid girl what can I say.. Nonetheless I am a human and bound to make mistakes so I'll let myself of the hook this time.. See I have someone in my life that is my 'Reality Check'. I hate hearing her views on matters because I know she's right and I'm wrong and I would have to wake up and clean the mess.. She's so cynical to the point that she's (so far) always right.. She never fails on her judgement and observations.

This is the millionth time that she was dead on right.. Sometimes all it takes is couple of words which make me stop dead in my tracks and wakes me the fuck up.. This time she wasn't even talking to me but all she said to someone was "Get real there is no such thing" and simultaneously I said "Goddamn you".. Because I knew she was right and I was just being too ....... I dunno the word or how to describe it.. Unrealistic.. Perhaps that's the right word.. Unrealistic to realise a bunch of bundled up glitches that I've been overlooking..

Moral of the post:
Wake the Fuck UP!
Re-evaluate your life and serve it a harsh reality check..


Anony said...


Wala we should do that

Standy said...

i dont like to do that.. i love my cucu land =)

Anonymous said...

Ameen sisterr!!:P
i too live in my own little lala land and i just cant seem to get off of it:P!
thoughh i have my twin who is constantly reminding me to change my veiwpoint of the world and not everything is fluffy and pink and u just cant trust anyone u see...we're complete opposites, like we complete each other; im an optimist while she's a pessimest;p
but i thank god i have her becuase she's the only thing that is preventing me from doing the stupidest mistakes...which i knw i will regret and hate myself for it later..:P

Sumaiah said...

i'm my own reality check, it's depressing wallah!

5/4 said...

أنا بعد عايشه بعالم بروحي

مالي شغل بأحد, بس ما تحسين ساعات إنها تكون وايد أووفر يعني بالحكم عليج؟

وله دايما عدل؟


أنا شايفتج عايشه في عالمج الطبيعي, نادرا ما أشوف بنات نفسج جذي صريحين ويتكلمون عن نفسهم وايد عجبني أسلوبج وطريقة تفكيرج, حسيتج صريحه وايد

B said...

Sometimes, being wrong, in an imagenary world is very enjoyable, reality is boring, ain't fun!

Stuck in Lab said...

Im my own reality-check.

'Nuff said!

B said...

well, it just reminds me of the post XD