Monday, 29 March 2010


I hate doctors I really really do.. I've been seeing so much of them lately that I've been feeling sick to my stomach every time I have to go see one :(

Since Dec its been doctors almost every week for either mother or I :( Starting from Dec 2 operations for mother and since then every 2 weeks a visit to the pink doc. And then started with visit to my doc for change of painkillers for back pain. ER for back pains. Then back pain specialist. Blood tests for back pains. MRI for back pain. Doctor visit for sudden kidney pain. Ultrasound for kidney. Back to Doc for kidney pain (kidney fine but they dunno what's causing pain). Another visit to my doc. Gyno. Blood tests for gyno. Physio. Today pink doctor. After tomorrow ultrasound for back pain. Day after that physio. Then next month back to back pain doctor. And regular physio appointments to be set. FUCK ME!

The past 3 months have been filled with doctors and hospitals and news of relatives being sick. My left arm hurts like fuck cuz they can only draw blood from one vein. And give injections in it. I used to get lost in the hospital but now I know it like the back of my hand. I already hated doctors, hospitals, and was scared shitless from injections. I can't stand the stench of hospitals anymore, it's nauseating. Injections have become a norm. Every doctor tells me either I'm having rare side effects or they cannot diagnose cuz they don't know what's causing the pain! La3at chabdi walaa la3at chabdi.. On top of that the 3-5 painkillers a day with gyno pills and patches and excruciating migraines. And worrying about mothers health accompanied with sleepless nights. I have never felt this exhausted. And fucked up useless people drama.

Oh yess who was it that said I should be happy? I know it could be worse and alf alf il7amdila 3ala hal 7al but honestly I'm tired. And I need a shoulder to lean on and not to cry on. I'm just freaking tired, exhausted, and DEAD worn out..

p.s. I'm writing this as am seated in a hospital. Yaa that's where I blog from these days, waiting areas in hospitals..


Anony said...

I wish I could kiss the pain away ! ;*

FourMe said...

Oh I forgot to mention one dentist visit, course of antibiotics, and 2 back pain doc visits for mother.

Anony said...

Oh rethaitay etro7eeen el dentist menak :o ;p taqadooooom ;p 3ad ana bel dentist now ;p

Ana agol lo etkhaymeen 3end el hosp. A7san ;p

Oh wait I have a perfect pic for u hahaha


why do you sound like you're 60 years old?

and wtf @ anony's comment lmao.

what's your exercise routine, assuming you have one?

apparently your appetite is non-existent but I used to think the same way about myself where three french fries would 'fill' me up until I forced myself and realized I was a complete retard for 10 years.

Average.Q8i said...

9abrekk 3ala Balwakk; La 9aber 3'aiirekk 3alaiik ..
Mahmaa el Zeman Warraak; La budd Ma Ye93'aa elaiik ..
Lo Tanzeff Jrou7ekk; O Had el Asaa Rou7ekk .. Wel 7a9' Gad 3adaaaak ..
"9abrekk 3ala Balwaaakkk" ..

FourMe said...

hehe if it was 1 place I would have bs kil wa7da eb 9ob..

show me..

because I feel like I'm 90 years old.
I can't exercise because of my back pain, any wrong move and I'm screwed hence the physio..


5/4 said...

7beebti salamtich matshoufen shar :(

wil walda salamt-ha

FourMe said...

shar mayeech dear.. Alah ysalmich mn kil shar..


call me nosy but what exactly is wrong with your back? weak bones?

serenade said...

ajir o 3afya,, we're all here to be the virtual shoulder you need...

have u tried going on no medication whatsoever and try and maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food, exercise, and plenty of sleep.. i'm no expert but sometimes doctors tend to screw things over making it worse,, let nature take its course and inshalla u'll grow out of it...

B said...

Salamat, matchoofeen shar
isa u get well soon nd no more hospitals ;D

FourMe said...

your guess is as good as mine.. so far 3 diagnoses so doin tests to cancel them out till i hit jackpot..

thank u sweetheart :)

yup.. I couldn't. If I miss one pill esmila 3alaich I literally get paralysed from the pain I cannot move. You'd think I'm exaggerating but you'd only believe it if you see what happens to me if I go off the painkillers.

alah ysalmich dear. hope so..

p.s. thank u for the link.. funny!