Wednesday, 24 March 2010


1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess
2.a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. act or instance of hypocrisy.

I'm finding this to be quite amusing and sad at the same time. How people want to pretend in every aspect of their lives that they are perfect and the model being all the time. I for one pretend to be perfectly fine in my life with people around me. I don't open up I don't discuss I don't say what's bothering me unless I blow up. But here in my beloved blog I open the gates of personal feelings and I don't pretend to be someone that I am not. Do I qualify for a hypocrite? I don't know yet. But if you think I am kindly let me know.

See the hypocrisy has stretched from our "Real" lives to cyber space. If you blog about fashion/events/foods you are considered sane and perfectly fine. Yet if God forbids you dare speak of your personal baggage and emotional mishaps well my dears you are considered psychotic! "Oh my God she's speaking about her feelings! God she must be insane! How could she? Why would she? She must be an attention seeker. She must be living in denial. She must be must be must be a thousand things. Lets all give her advice and show her the light because we are qualified to do so because WE ARE THE SUPREME BEINGS AND WE ARE PERFECT AND WE KNOW BETTER". Do you really know better??!

Maybe in each of your lives you have people whom you are comfortable with spilling your guts to or take out your stress by seeing professionals. Each shed their baggage in their own way because none of you are leading happy perfect lives and if any say they are then go fuck yourselves because you're lying through your mother fucking teeth and deceiving yourselves because we all have our ups and downs, that's how God tests our faith and endurance. My way is to let it out through blogging. I find it comforting to spill my guts via words typed across a screen.

Now how about the latter of you stop being hypocrites and stop pretending that you are perfectly content with your past, present, future, surroundings, and care-free universes and leave me be to BITCH AND COMPLAIN in MY blog without trying to fix me and give me pointers on what I should or shouldn't do. If I seem psychotic then so be it what is it to you??! You don't know me so DON'T give me bullshit that you give a damn about my well-being. Stop being so hypocritical and go sort out your own problems before even thinking for a nanosecond you are qualified to judge or advice me. Do you think I lack the brains or intelligence to come up with ways to "help myself" with and am dumb enough to need a random stranger to tell me what to do? When I want advice on any matter I will state the word HELP in the post so you supreme beings can help me. When I add "?" that means I'm asking questions and would like to know your opinion. And when I rant without asking for help that means I'm RANTING and would only want you to comment if you relate or have something to say that does not involve advice. Simple isn't it!

Need I say more?


Anony said...

masafaa ween been daee o dareeeek <3

Stuck in Lab said...

Those who cant do, teach.

We all have our problems and crap to deal with. But peoples crap varies. One person may have emotional problems, but is gifted in solving relationship problems. To each his own.

I dont know where I was going with this, but I do know that we each have distinct problems unlike ones shared by our peers. So, if someone were to give you advice take it or leave it.

Ones image/situation need not affect their judgment or outlook. Thats a logical fallacy. Engaging in ad hominem tu quoque, i.e. claiming what one says is false or wrong because what the person says contradicts their own actions, should be avoided.

Again, I dont know where im going with this. Fuck it. We all have problems. Live with it. If given advice, decide whether you want it or not.

Im not trying to piss you off (or maybe I am). I'll just stop here.

Anony said...

in case ur wondering what the hell am saying, fa ga3da aghane hal eghneya :P


i'm sorry 5altee

doona said...

meno mo 3ajba?

*rolls her sleeves up*

FourMe said...

aint in the mood for music. my back is hurting like hell and my arm still hurts from yesterday :(

hug me :(

first of all your presence and attitude was sorely missed in this blog! glad to see ya back mate..

Okay dude fair enough I value advice and sometimes I ask for it as I value what people have to say. But at times I DON'T ask for it and I DON'T want to hear it.. Simple.. Yes I could just let it go and not take it but why should I have to keep dismissing comments when I obviously don't wanna hear it?

no need for an apology.. just stating my opinion in my beloved blog :)

hehe adore u :*

5/4 said...

Your post estanaast menah.

I'm going through a very hard time and I'm going to see a specialist because I suffer from depression and I have so many problems and reading this post made me feel so much better about myself.

I so agree with you, kil eli emsaween ro7hom mako mashakil chathabeen. No one is perfect w ma7ad lah she'3el feech or ib ay a7ad to tell them what to do with their lives or how to express themselves.

I openly write about my depression and I don't care etha ma7ad ra7 yaktib li comments because of the way I'm expressing myself. This is your blog and you can write whatever you want and no one has the right to judge you.

I read the post more than 2 times, 7adi I loved it.

FourMe said...

inshala you'll feel better soon.. there is bound to be up days..

ehh let them pretend to be perfectly "normal" at the end of the day we all have our burdens.

ohh you'd be surprised at the amount of judging that I get here.. its been going on for a while now.. as if I care ;)

1001Nights said...

I know this is gonna come out self-centered but I couldn't help but think that some of this post was directed towards my comments. I felt that way because I'm pretty sure I've donated unsolicited advice at some point. At any rate, if I am correct the last thing I wanted to do was to irk you to that extent or add nuisance to whatever anguish or sadness you were feeling at the time. Really it was not meant with ill intent and most certainly has nothing to do with seeing my own life as any better. I give advice because I know I need it very often and I usually find it very useful. That's all. :)