Wednesday, 10 March 2010

go away meanie

I don't get it! Really I don't.. May be because I am a good person at heart that I cannot comprehend meanness.. I am not exaggerating when I say I'm a good, kind, caring person.. Honest to God I don't have a mean bone in me.. I'm kind to people I know and people I don't know.. When someone hurts me I just back off.. I don't harm them in return or do anything of the sort, I just let go and back off.. Yet I am not perfect and when someone REALLY like big time serious shit really crosses the line mean to me I turn into a whore and I will make them regret the day they were born.. That happened on one occasion and I don't regret it because God said an Eye for an Eye.. So that is fair and square equal meanness..

The thing which really bothers me is I am good and I want good for everyone.. I don't hurt people not even with words.. Yet somehow I attract mean people.. People that want to hurt me for no reason in whatever way possible! Really why? I would just like to know WHY???? Is it because I am too kind or is it because I tolerate people for what they portray themselves to be and not embarrass them and say there you go in your face this and this is wrong.. I let people be what they want to be because I honestly don't care.. You can tell me you are Mary Queen of Scots or Che Guevara and I'll play along and tell you yes of course you are! Not because I'm dumb but because I'm not mean enough to burst their bubble and I believe to each his own..

Is it my fault for being nice? Should I be mean, rude, and hurtful so I stop crossing paths with such people? Do I have to be just as petty and cunning? I truly am a peaceful person.. I have been through enough drama in my short lifetime.. I DO NOT NEED THIS! I don't want drama and action in my life.. I want to live peacefully without hurting people and without people hurting me.. I said this earlier today and I will say it again.. Do NOT mistake my politeness for stupidity.. Please don't insult my intelligence that's just underestimating and belittling me! And on a final note.. Shame on everyone who has ever been mean to a person for no apparent reason.. Shame on you shame..


Anony said...

Go away suckers

Danderma said...

la la la 4y

you got it all wrong

its not that ur such a good hearted person so it's an invitation to trample over you...

i have the exact same case. I can never be mean to someone... i can never walk up to a stupid person and say your stupid or frankly point out flaws to make her feel bad or whatever mean ppl do...

lakin il awadem faj2a yel3boon fenee

after years of observing this phenomenon

after sharing friends between closely knit groups of friends and one after the other they do something so out of character they do something so bad they never do to the other friends and if i tell about it no one believes me... and thus i look like a black duck

and after some of my friend observed first hand my delimma...

i used to blame it on jealousy... but it possible all these are jealous? 3la shino?!

then i got my conclusion... aided by TV of course

it's not about your attitude...
it's not about jealousy...
you could become their maid and kiss their feet and bend over backwards but still it wont work out

because there is something in you that brings out the negativity in others peoples personalities... and they suddenly show their ugly side unwillingly

in other words you are a freak magnet...

my friends swear to god that they never see freaks in the streets unless they are with me... when i go out with them they start pointing out "see this! OMG! all because of you"

before that they used to think i made those things up

and in the end sweet 4y... you know who you are... life goes on... hatha el bab yosa3 jamal ilee ma yestahal inah they become good to you malah illa in3al 6oweel... preferably with pointed heels :p

Fuzzybear said...

Your blog is quite probably the most hostile and aggressive I've come across in the past year and that's just based on a few posts I've seen light up on safat.

So I think there's a correlation you seem to be missing, perhaps if you got off your high horse you would see that.

Good day to you :)

Candy said...
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Candy said...

*clap for master forume..

Anonymous said...

is it God who said an eye for an eye or Hammurabi ?

WhySoSerious said...

lol I think you should end your post with this sentence "If you ever cross that line I guarantee ya there'll be nothin to save ya"
Comin' from a life of crime
Tryna be on my best behavior
Sarat :I
It's time to Have a Red Line :E

Fuzzybear said...

@努力: I totally agree with you

FourMe said...


exactly i can't be mean or harsh to people or belittle them!

no i dont believe its jealousy.. i think its just some people are born mean and find joy in harming others even if its just emotionally just to satisfy their sick whims.

I am not only a freak magnet but I am a psychopath magnet.. i kid u not dandee the crazy ppl i attracted in my life is just unbelievable! it seems like i bring out the crazy in ppl.. bs ya3ni khalas till when am i going to be surrounded by crazy ppl?! give me a damn rest already..

that's what i'm doing just pushing everyone out of my life the good and bad i just can't put up with anyone..

How about you get your facts straight. I never had my blog on Safat or any other of the sort.

Having a strong attitude and standing for what I believe in and having a bad temper does NOT mean I am rude, disrespectful, and mean to people. You've missed the crux of this post. So till you get what I mean I'll stay on my high horse if you don't mind :)

thank u dear :*

yes its in the Quran.

hehe they ain't that important.. I only say that on rare occasions and I mean it :D

Anonymous said...

Some come in our lives for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. One needs to learn to identify who is who. There is always a reason and a lesson.

FourMe said...

yes lesson well learned.. Never trust anyone..

Anonymous said...

FourMe said...

Not interested in what others think.. they can write about trust endless articles and preach it all they want.. it ain't for me..

Anonymous said...

All i see is a closed box. That is not what you are.

1001Nights said...

Most people behave in a manner that mostly has to do with themselves and not others. In other words, when someone is mean to you for no apparent reason it's not because you attracted it but rather because he/she in a bad mood, has an insecurity, or maybe even is well-meaning but lacks the self-awareness to recognize that what she/he says hurts others.

Having said that, staying quiet when someone hurts you does make it easier for you to be the punching bag whenever there's a personal issue they're suffering from and that's not a good position for you. Sometimes it's better for you to show your claws earlier on so that the person doesn't get so bad with you that you end up blowing up and giving the unfair impression that you're overly hot tempered and mean yourself.

FourMe said...

just because you read couple of posts that doesn't mean you know me..

I believe it has to do with a persons nature.. either they are nice or evil.. and some people are just evil.. they enjoy hurting others..

No I don't stay quiet when someone hurts me, trust me a3arf shlon akhith 7agi.. I stay quiet when people feed me bullshit.. I take it cuz I believe if a person wants to say something then let them say it ma frgat ma3ay.. No need for me to point out that I know they are lying to me..