Saturday, 13 March 2010


His cancer is back..
I can't even shed a tear..
I think I have died on the inside..
I am incapable of feeling anymore..


chika said...

:( be strong sister

serenade said...

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
sometimes Allah wants his 3abd to reach a certain daraja min il janna,, but based on the 3abd's a3mal, they don't qualify him,, so Allah ybtileeh so that ya5ith il ajir and he reaches that daraja,,
you never know 7ikmat Allah fee wayn,, say il7imdilla winshalla Allah by3eenkum o bymsa7 3ala gloobkum

SoSerious said...

I don't know when they will find a cure for the fucking cancer !! but i hope everything gonna be fine and he will live longer by doing another operation

Standy said...

allah yeshfeeh bil salama, the same way he beat it the first time inshallah he will beat it this time also..

FourMe said...

thank u dear

il7amdila 3ala kil 7al.. you are 100% right..

I'm sure someone somewhere did find a cure.. but then how would those pharmaceutical companies profit?!

inshala alah ysma3 minich.. thank u dear

identity said...

alla igawma bil salama inshalla..
he beat it ones he can do it again.. be strong oo kila thekray rabich..
im really sorry to hear that:(

FourMe said...

thank u dear..