Sunday, 7 March 2010

.. ..

You'd think the older we get the better we'll get at dealing with life..
Well that's not true.. Seems like the older we get the more lost we get..
Or probably that's just me..

I wanted to say NO but I couldn't so I just listened and acknowledged..
You know you're fucked when you lose the will to put up a fight..
I don't have it in me anymore to rebel or to fight..

May be tomorrow will be a better day..

Or may be tomorrow is just another day.. ..


Anony said...

Enshallah tom. Is a better day :)

Standy said...

i totally agree.. the older you get, the more lost you became.. the more your enrgy is drained the more you dont want to fight..

Average.Q8i said...

I Dont Think so ..

WhySoSerious said...

Allaah Yaster

falantan said...

depends on YoursTruly Alla ysalmech.

you live, you learn, life gets easier.

you live, you don't learn, it only gets more frustrating.

coz repeating the same mistake over and over is considered one of the criteria of insanity. psychologists give you a tick towards the red line the more you exhibit that behavior.

identity said...

if thats the case i wanna stay young forever haha
but hey whatever ur age is life always finds a way to play around with u.. that life and its a bitch

and inshalla tomorrow for u is a better day to many more to come..