Thursday, 4 March 2010

2 in 1 Faces

Why would a person deceive others?
What joy would they find in it?
Is it a sick act or just disregard for other peoples feelings?
Does it give them self-gratification?
Is it all a game?
Why deceive, pretend, put on an act?


Anony said...

Because they are sick in the brain

FourMe said...

true.. hope such people have a split second of clear concious and realise how their actions could have a negative impact on people.. not to mention it's heartless and mean..


Perhaps the lenses through which you view them is warped.

Errant said...

Good questions girl .. lol

hope some of them will visit here and answer !

Anonymous said...

As much as we all say that we don't like people who deceive, we're susceptible to making the same moves ourselves.

Ask the reason for their deceiving, and it would probably be something like "I didn't want to hurt them with the truth" etc. Whether you're willing to accept the excuse is a different matter altogether.

FourMe said...

Facts are facts.

Would be interesting to hear..

True we are all the same, no one is perfect.

But what differs is when one musters up the courage and offers an explanation and an apology for such behaviour.

WhySoSerious said...

Split personality :I

Average.Q8i said...

there is some kind of enjoyment in knowing something others dont know about; or an attempt of exagerration for self-satisfaction!

FourMe said...

dunno but must be something of the sort..

really I have no explanation for it especially when there is no reason for it!!

Anonymous said...

There is always a reason

FourMe said...

oh i would love to hear the reason!