Monday, 8 March 2010


I keep on writing posts and just before clicking on the publish button I delete them.. At that moment it hits me that there are "Real" people reading these posts and not just little names with cute dp pics! Yes that's how I see you all just as names.. The only way that I am able to spill my guts is by thinking that there is no one reading this blog and every time I post it's just random words scattered across cyber space.. I think of people who comment as computer generated names that leave random comments.. Silly I know..

See I am unable to open up I've always been like that, that's why I started blogging so I can learn to talk just talk and mumble things out.. I don't wanna give tips, recipes, promote, or do fuck knows what else, all those are perfectly good reasons to blog as a blog is your home and one can do what ever the fuck they want in their home.. I just wanna talk, this is my home, and I just wanna talk.. But lately I haven't been able to do so because people are nosey bastards and they wanna find the ins and outs of your life! I'm nobody, I'm a random girl, I'm someone that just wants to talk and honestly doesn't care if anyone listens.. Why have interest in a person who is just one of the masses?! A random girl that won't add or lessen a thing to your life.. Just a damn girl.. This is my home and I should be left alone to do as I please in it without having peeping toms lurk around..

It shocks me to see that this blog has been viewed over a 100,000 times in 2 years (mind you 99,999 are all Anony refreshing the page)!! Goddamn me I ain't talking to myself after all and there ARE people who read this crap :/ I've even noticed that some people check the blog couple times a day! I FourMe a girl who talks about bullshit became a part of strangers lives, I became part of their routine.. For example, one of the random readers checks the blog roughly at (KWT time) 5am, 11:30am, 4pm, 11pm and the cycle continues everyday! Its flattering yet shocking that a person can be that interested in the bullshit I say! Really do you think one day am gonna post about the secrets of the universe?! I don't know these people yet I'm in their lives.. The idea is starting to freak me out a bit here.. Mind you I've been smacked with a heavy dose of freaking out and paranoia lately, trust me I have valid reasons to do so!

My point is this post is about bullshit and I just said nothing and I wasted your time and have been doing so for the past 2 years.. I feel like I owe you people something :/ Like I should take each one of you out for a cuppa coffee or something and apologise personally for wasting your time.. No wait I did have a point.. Point is it that there are "Real" people who read this crap and I should watch what I say and probably should shut the fuck up :|


PaLoMiNo said...

anony sorry babes :*

PaLoMiNo said...

Heya i think in 2 years awl mara a9eer 1st :P now leme go read..

PaLoMiNo said...

Gm.. Nimt shwya o I just woke up..

fufu tara This post made me feel like I'm reading a suicide letter!!!!!!!!!!

b3eed al shar 3anich!

o b3dain WAIT WAIT??
I'm confused???
What's up with: "I apologies for wasting your time... bullshit posts... etc."

Can u please stop whatever Ur doing for a moment... o jableeni??

Step back... and fufu please be logical about this okay???

Plz Answer those Q's:

1. Did someone stick a gun to my head and force me to read ur blog??

2. Did I waste my time in reading ur posts?

3. Why am I a fan of ur blog for nearly 2 years o inshala more??

4. Do I read ur blog regularly????

5. If ur posts are bullshit, why would I go back to old posts
and read them over and over again???


Did u answer the Q's?

Well here are my answers:

1. NO

2. NO

3. Because I idolize u and I'm a HUGE fan of all ur posts wazeedich min elshe3r bait?
I'm also a fan of ur replies to comments as well!

4. Yes i read your blog regularly, and each post thoroughly!

mashallah fufu you accept elkel.. u don't judge people, ur funny...
howaa ana a'aadar ma agra blogich regularly??

5. Bcoz mako 1 single post that's considered bullshit! 7ada al3axs!

Anyways what made u think that way??? I consider ur posts: unique, natural, and Funny!

fufu Why am i getting a feeling that u think u made us suffer by reading ur posts/blog? so now you probably feel you have to cause urself suffering in order to equal things out..?!?!?!

faa shitsaweeen?? you beat yourself up emotionally..

sa7?:( Promise hathy akhir mara u say this!

khaleny aroo7 aldawam now...

lil 7adeeth baqeyaa ;/

PaLoMiNo said...


Never apologize, Never explain!!!

Anony said...

Okeeeeeeeeeey ya jma3aa palo sakaat 3alii! ;p

And I think ehya eli etchayek ;p hahahahah

But I have to admit the fufu is killing me hahahahahaha

Sumaiah said...

"For example, one of the random readers checks the blog roughly at (KWT time) 5am, 11:30am, 4pm, 11pm and the cycle continues everyday!"

This is probably me!:p
You're an interesting person and that’s why we keep coming back, we're not wasting our time by reading your posts! We're not doing it out of obligation since we don’t know you and you don’t know us, we do it because that’s what we really want to read!

zwena said...

hahahahaha anony tawni yaya bakteb 3an fufu mani gadra kelma agra fufu amot min alteh7ek :P

WhySoSerious said...

la7ol 7altech sa3ba I told you before losing your self is a real disaster The art of losing isn't easy to master :r

Errant said...

well, me for one, I never miss a post you write .. and the funny thing is that I'm more interested in the person you .. not your words or fourme .. I always wonder what kinda girl you are ?!

I guess your posts trigger people to wonder about the person behind the screen ..

Like I wonder .. is she fat? skinny? lonely? happy person? destroyed person? lol

identity said...

hmm 1st i agree with palomino nobody put a gun on my head and told me to read ur posts..
and believe me ur not wasting our time if we thought that then why do we keep coming back to ur blog?
i love ur posts and i read them cause there real yup ya3nii no lying ya3nii u speak ur mind and u dont care what people think our say about u ... u just say whatever comes to mind ya3nii mako nefs ur posts ..

Anonymous said...

ur a really unique blogger kalamech kella i ghair i doubt ill ever find a blog quite like ur words w tafkeerech;p its good knowing ako nas chethe basically very very real people. 7adda ur not insulting anyone most of the time ur just saying what were thinking.. fa post on ;p

Smart CoOKie said...

mny fahmh? yny tb3'ina nmshy? I thought you liked the comments :/

FourMe said...

hehehehee the suicide comment cracked me up! Seeee I bored ya to death till u slept :p

*tarbi6 sh3arha o tjabil palomino.. Bring it ON* hehe ok seriously lets talk..

No one stuck a gun to your head I know that, you're reading it out of your own freewill..

Is it bullshit? Yes it is.. Because I should be posting about meaningful topics.. Off the top of my head I can this second write 3 political posts that will share some valuable information to help any person reading this blog develop their understanding of current world affairs..

awww u made me blush :)
thank u babe u were way too kind with your words..

who am I to judge people?! I am as imperfect as anyone.. I have no right to judge.. and we are all equal but people don't see that, they think they are better for whatever reason therefore they only accept people that fit into a certain margin..

NO palomino people MUST apologise and MUST explain their actions when in the wrong! If everyone does as they please without explaining themselves then we're all fucked..

hehehee 7adha! and nop its not her.. I'm gona change my name from FourMe to FuFu shrayich :p

naah u left ur comment at 8:21am that doesn't fit :p thank u darling :)


Okaay ent 7adik emthayi3 :/ Me and u need to have that cuppa coffee and I need to explain ME more to you so you get me cuz 7ad edosa emthayi3..

Hmm just a girl.. couple posts ago has my weight, kinda lonely - you could say closeness deprived.. happy at times sad at others.. naah not destroyed I have a shocking strong personality (most hate my guts for it).. bra size? :p

thank u sweets :*

thank you dear.. much appreciated :)

hehe no 7abebty elmokan mokanich.. its just sometimes I forget that there are people reading this and I tend to talk nonsense..

Errant said...

HAHAHAHAHA .. hit me baby !