Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rule #2


Anony said...

Ma3aad badree </3 geltelee wesh ta7araaa??

Sajjaa move on!

Smart CoOKie said...

I can't move the fuck on =[

Anonymous said...

i wish i can move the fuck on ;(


zwena said...

sajjaa moveee the FUUUCK ONN :@

FourMe said...

now say it to yourself..

sCookie - roona:
you 2 need a wake up call!

1. Do everything you can.. so there won't be any "what if" moments in the future.
2. Accept
3. Accept
4. Accept
5. Move the fucking fuck ON! being stuck in one time frame will get you no where.. trust me on this..

hehe ya 7ilwich :p

S said...

you can go through all the grieving (spelling?) once.. but the next time, u better go through it real fast.. otherwise it's just a lost opportunity. That is, you lose the opportunity to do something productive instead. aw bil kwaity, 1-0;p

FourMe said...

hahahhaa 3jbatni el 1-0..
and true..

PaLoMiNo said...

yeah true.. ;/

Errant said...

heh .. I wish I can do that ... life wud be much easier !

Anonymous said...

9ajja ... mithil ili yamshee wi6aali3 wara, ma yshoof lamma tseer fee 7ifra jiddama wisiba inna ga3id y6aali3 wara.

Not everything is explicable to us. Not everything will make sense to us. But there is a plot out there. Sometimes you recognize it in hindsight but not when you're in the middle of it.

ba6alah said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad you moved on..