Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rule #1


Anony said...

o ba7eeebik alhaa albeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aleek odaam alnaaas:P

FourMe said...

anony! when will u understand that love does not exist.. people are too selfish to love.

Faith said...

That is like the dumbest advice EVER
all that spontaneous crap is seriously stupid and has nothing to do with courage and taking risk. People should think twice before doing anything, Too bad when it comes to love; we don’t choose to begin with. So we’re all dumbasses in that field.

FourMe said...

so you're saying being careful, cautious, counting every move a 1000 times before taking it and letting an opportunity pass you by is better? Life waits for no one..fair enough there are certain things that need to be thought over but life has a plan of its own while you're sitting and mulling things over it would have changed course and you'd be stuck at point A while in reality you're at point D by now..

as for the whole "love" thing.. its probably our hormones making the dumbass decisions for us..

identity said...

hmm good rule?

i really dont know what to say for this post hahahahaha;p

f7ee7eely said...

enshallah 3ammety -- i can only imagine some of the things i wont hold back on hehehehehehehehe -- u'd change that rule if u can glimpse into my mind right now LOOOL

f7ee7eely maareeeeeeth ew 6aree7 elferash in the helenic republic :(

enzain so2al -- if u talk to a girl and she cant look you straight in the eyes for a long time whilst conversating ...does that mean she likes you (

another ting me darlin --- if u run into somone u havent seen in a year and she goes AWE you look ( mumbles some words ) different....doesnt that mean we can get it on afterwards ?:P


Anonymous said...

Understand Rule#1

serenade said...

just do it xx

FourMe said...


hehehehee oldie I know what possibly could be going through that head of yours :p

ahh thats my boy.. told ya u needed a vacay.. awww salmaat, nothing a shot of cognac can't fix :p

it could be one of 2, one being that she's shy .. two being there are some naughty thoughts going through her head and she's gotta look away just to regain composure.. come onn f7ee7eelyooo how could any woman resist ur charm!

ohhh hun she's in the bag! you can tap that anytime you want..


amen sister..

ba6alah said...

momtaz :p