Monday, 22 February 2010

The Pink Doctor

I don't like my mama's doctor.. He's weird and makes me feel uncomfortable.. In the past 2 months I've seen him about 5 or 6 times and will have to see him every 2 weeks for a while till mothers condition becomes stable.

He has some sort of a staring problem, honestly he does.. He talks to mother and keeps having long stares over at my end and the minute I say a thing he flings his chair over leans forward literally sitting in my lap and looks me dead in the eyes like he's not looking at me but more like looking at my soul.. He creeps the fuck out of me.. First couple of times I thought I might be paranoid but no the dude has serious staring issues :/ I started making an effort every time I go to look absolutely and completely shite but do you think that stops the staring? Of course not.

I knew you could never trust a man who only wears pink and lilac fitted shirts!! Every time a baby pink shirt! checkered, stripped, plain, you name it he wears it and accentuates it with a darker shade of pink tie! You'd think he's barbie not a doctor! My luck with doctors is simply fabulous!


Anony said...


Anony said...


identity said...

matchof shar inshalla ur mom:*

about the doctor no comment men galb....alla i3ynich ma3a

WhySoSerious said...

maybe he is the ONE ! ;)
Anyways matshof shar omich o inshallah yetqadamlech as soon as your mother gets well :p

Anonymous said...

Why don't you try wearing even more pinker dress with some fluorescent green scarf and fluorescent orange jacket, just for the heck of mocking the staring doc!

serenade said...

Allah ygawim ur mom bisalamah inshalla.. ma 3alayha shar :*

FourMe said...

miss me ?

shar mayeech hun.. I'll just continue looking at the floor :/

Eww he wears pink ALL the time! I could let once in a blue moon pass by but not always.. shar mayeek.. falik ma gbalna :(
7araam 3alaik!

that's fashion suicide!! you want me to look like a rainbow threw up on me! Mean. Very mean..

shar mayeech 7abooba alah ysalmich :*

PaLoMiNo said...

Gi6aa3 pink panther mo dr!!!!
fufu change him!!!!!!
wai3 shkla t3aqd min kethir el derasaaa.. ;/

Candy said...

mb shayef 5air T.T

FourMe said...

noo pink panther is manlier than him.. Barbie is it or he can pass for a Ken as he has the toned body to match it and Ken clothing..

can't change him, he knows her case and did both operations..

7ada :/

nosa said...

omg! alah y33nkum wegwm ur mom bel salama!1

pink? seriously! lol