Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It hit me like a bullet to the heart when I was told I have no passion.. Just because I don't spill my heart and soul it does not mean I have no passion!


Anony said...

besmellah 3ala 3agli :O

Anony said...


well sometimes you really act in a cold way, aw etha el salfa mat'hemech you wont show any passion

but if you want it, like it ra7 taghregeen passion

o ba3deen why would u care what that person said, its not like they eknow you well enough to say such thing .. or do they?

Dont.Dwell said...

rub this blog in their face!

from ur posts its all abt passion,

to be as angry as u r at times thats gotta count as passion ;p

Anonymous said...

Passion does not necessarily mean strong sexual desire.


You are full of it..

WhySoSerious said...

well to be honest it seems you don't have :I

FourMe said...

Bravo! for someone that hasn't known me for a long period you know me damn well! And may I add better than people that have known me for years..

That is why I truly love you dear girl :* you know me I usually don't care but this time its different..

hehe thank you for making me smile.. I wish I can let them read this.. no can do..

was not meant in a sexual context..

guess some people would disagree.

Ouch.. but you're way off.. the least of it I have passion for football, politics, and life in general.. the list is endless..

identity said...

Fourme if ur going to stop and care about what everybody thinks of u ra7 tet3byn
Form what I see and from what I read bil3ax u do have passion but for the things u love ya3nii u won't show it to anyone ya3nii ur full of it bes u keep it all inside of u
Are u understanding my point?;s hahahaaha

Anonymous said...

The people who disagree, don't know you.