Thursday, 11 February 2010


Meet the man who's been giving me a migraine for the past couple of days, Mr Friedrich Nietzsche himself. I'm reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra and its causing me physical pain! I cannot put the book down its intriguing yet the minute I start reading it I get a throbbing headache, with every page I turn it intensifies. Any other book I read it is fine yet this book triggers something in my head! It is so very weird. Nonetheless I shall finish reading it regardless of the damned migraine. I believe I am officially a weird girl or have got an anti-Nietzsche brain, either or it is very odd.


Even Sweeter said...


ba6alah said...


Sumaiah said...

and thats exactly what kept me away from it even though i'm dying to read it!!
when ur done reading it please tell me if its worth reading:)

identity said...

hahhaha i dont ever see myself reading a book like that;p

good luck finishing it:D

PaLoMiNo said...

shwgteeny i wana read it!

anony whereeeeeeeeee r uuuuuuu??!?!?!

FourMe said...

she's gone missing :p

7alty 9a3ba :/

i can tell u from now.. definitely worth reading.. but must be read with an open mind to comprehend what he is saying for the sake of following it through..

thanx babe :)

you should..

she was eaten by kola bears :D

Anony said...

kola bears

looooool im eating gummy bears hahaha :P

i've been trying to comment men elseb7 my stupid mobile kila ygoli error :@

o sweetss laish u didnt save the place :@

bs ma3li raza esme :P

FourMe - awal magareet el post o ana nes nayma i thought ena surat el rayal o shuwarba eli eli ga3da et9ade3 rasech! lol .. now i kinda feel stupid hahaha