Friday, 5 February 2010


Once upon a time I was the Queen of Nagging.. I would nag and nag and nag and nag and nag and nag some more till I get my way.. I was able to nag and tolerate nagging.. Now nowww if something is repeated twice I lose my temper! I cannot tolerate nagging, I cannot handle it, I cannot put up with it.. Someone says something khalas I get it the first time around no need to repeat and repeat, I snap and I mean SNAP.. Snap like temper goes from 0 to 1000 in a nanosecond like literally faster than a Bugatti going from 0-60mph..

I have lost my nagging mojo :( If I nag about anything now I get a serious headache.. Now there are rare occasions where I nag, and if I nag then you know that I really REALLY must want whatever it is I'm nagging about.. Thing is people around me nag and naaaaaaaaaaaag even about the tiniest things and it pisses me off :/ Really if I say something once don't nag and nag about it!! Just freaking drop it!! Dear god I've become so agitated I cannot handle a thing.. I tune out a lot of shit but the nagging oh lord it feels like woody the woodpecker is chipping at my brain.. Ukhh nagging should be a crime punishable my smacking..


Anony said...


identity said...

Ohh I really don't tolerate nagging... BUT what I really don't tolerate is when ur talking to someone then another person remembers there supposed to tell u something and they see u talking but they go ahead and say ur name and when u don't reply they start poking ur arm... UGH I hate it hate it.. Ya3nii leave my arm alone oo stop poking it can't u see I'm talking to someone at the moment?..;s

Anonymous said...

You have cleared level 1.
Welcome to level 2 where you learn what level 1 is all about.

Faith said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL you've lost your nagging mojo huh

ur so cute :D

FourMe said...

cant wait till u come here :D

next time punch them in the arm :p

teach me yoda teach me..

eee ra7aat :p i lost me mojo!! i is mojoless..

alah yer7aam ayam kanaw eysamony el7anaana.. those were the good days :p

*blushes* that is true! i am damn cute hehehee

Anonymous said...

Student to become mine, long time you will take. Yoda

ba6alah said...

lool well it's ok! but when u be 60 years old , Will you Nag or not? This is The Q! :]

FourMe said...

ehh i'm not young nor got that much time.. maybe in a different lifetime master..

3ad wla 7anat el3ayayiz :/ i have a feeling i wont nag.. i did enough in my lifetime for 3 generations to come :p

Vixen said...

lol it's karma ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

ba6lnaaaaaaaa Nagging yuba khalaaa9 tobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! LOOOOL ma waraha ela il mashkil :P

Anonymous said...

time is an illusion. you never know what it got in store for you.

FourMe said...

karma got me gooooood :p

hehhehehehhehehehheee we nagged till we got fucked.. at least we learned a lesson..

reality trumps illusion..